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Default Re: Win Extra Spending Dough in BBF's "12 Days of Christmas" Giveaway!

The best gift that I gave was an engagement ring to my financée:

I had picked the perfect ring and held on to it for some time trying to find what would be the perfect occasion to give it to her. Many times I thought I had it, but something would always come up and skew the moment making it not so perfect. Too make matters worse, I was scheduled to be deployed in an international operation in the upcoming weeks.

It was Christmas Eve, and my fiancée's parents exchange gifts at that time. I decided, I want to express my love for her in front of her family. So I was up, and in true fashion, I wrapped it in a very large box, fitted with a lot of magazines (making it feel very heavy) and some rattlers (so it sounds like there was a whole bunch of stuff in there).

She unwrapped the "big box", and to her surprise another box. After another 2 or 3 boxes, she looked at me with a glare. Everyone enjoying themselves at her "despair" of trying to get to the bottom of this gift. Eventually, she opens the gift with all the "rattlers" in it, and inside that box was the ring. After fishing she found the box.

I'm thinking "OMG, this is it, am I ready?" As she opens it up, the rooms goes quiet and tears fill her eyes and a big huge grin comes over her face.

... The best gift I received on Christmas? She said Yes!

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