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Default Re: Question from Spain 7100v owner

Originally Posted by perficae
I've been reading this thread and it sounds interesting, but I have a question concerning the subject matter.

My 7100v (Vodafone Spain) comes with two possiblities for accessing the interet, one is a free limitless approach for a flat fee that I pay and the other option is via WAP, in which case vodafone charges you anywhere from 0.50 to 5.00 euros per MB, depending on your rate plan.

I use the free access that comes with my rate plan. I have not tried the WAP version as I am not sure exactly what more I might get for the extra fees.

Anyway, my question is if the changes detailed in this thread are so that I can use instant messaging on the "free" internet access or is this for the WAP access? I hope this makes sense.

And if it's for the free version, does anyone know if I can install Skype on my BB 7100v?
Did the info listed here for Vodafone Spain worked for you? I can't get Verichat/midpssh/whatever to work on my 7100v (Vodafone Spain) :(

(Enviame un correo a [email address] para charlar sobre el tema, gracias!)
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