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Besides the above basic progams, I will add other programs such as sheet (excell), word, conversions, time tracker, money, stopwatch, dictionary, and another 2 programs.
Make sure the programs run without a data connection. Sometimes it's impossible. For example, a word processor on a BlackBerry is more likely to require an online connection in order to send/receive documents since not all of them transfer over the USB cable. Some of them indeed do, but you should check every application for compatibility in "Out-of-coverage" situations.

The 7730 is one of the slower BlackBerry devices (same speed as 7780). The 7230 and 7290 is faster. There's a BlackBerry benchmarks thread:

The 7290 Bluetooth doesn't sync with the computer over Bluetooth.

The 7730 may be good if you get a good price. The bigger screen is attractive although its performance leaves some to be desired.

Most people using organizer-only functions have definite PIM preferences, such as preferring to use Palm, however I know people who prefer the BlackBerry GUI over the Palm GUI, and the devices are pretty ruggedized with a good keyboard on almost every BlackBerry...
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