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Default Blackberry vs Treo650

I have been a long time Palm user with many 3rd party apps and my company is going to blackberry and it appears I will be shut out for push email support (currently in trial right now and working great). I am pushing for dual support because for the general population I think the BB is a very good product and prob easier to use for getting basics like email. I have read your comparison to treo and have a couple of questions. You talk about the improved 3rd party calendar feature but is that compared to the fairly generic palm std calendar or to products such as datebook5? Datebook gives me such power and flexibility over the standard calendar im curious to which you were comparing it to. Another question I had was whether you can run office documents (word, excel and access) on a blackberry? PDF's and storage of these documents? As a technical support for my company I need to have more tools than the average Joe and my concern is whether the blackberry is capable of this. You mentioned that the power consumption is really low (palms used to be measured in weeks but as power was requested it got shorter) and indicate that it has a much lower cpu. If that is the case is it powerfull enough for the explosion of the mentioned third party apps that will bring it on par (flexibility wise) with palm and PPC?

There is no anamosity here at all, it's just that from all the people I have talked to during my travels and looked at BB's I am not very confident it will be powerfull enough nor flexible enough to do what I need.

I would appreciate any comments as long as they are fair. I would love someone that has good knowledge of both the treo 650 and a bluetooth phone enabled BB to compare and contrast the two.