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Default Re: Desktop Manager will not connect/detect my BB

How could an issue with your cell phone "threaten to ruin your life"?? That's beyond bizarre and seemingly ludicrous. I get the point that you are frustrated with the device operation currently, but "ruining your life"? Please.

Spending "15 hours trying to chase down a solution" doesn't seem a very long time. You are giving up and saying that you are "defeated" after working on it for a such a short time. If that's the case, it must not really be that important after all.

And I'm pretty sure that no one "foisted" anything on you. The device was a choice. Updating the software was a choice.

Have you tried other computers? Have you tried wiping with JL_Cmdr? BBSAK?

And lastly, of course, this site isn't connected with RIM, so posting your rant here isn't likely to reach "RIM brass".

But good luck.
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