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Originally Posted by BB-Tech support View Post
Because if BESAdmin is domain admin send as permission can be revoked
BESAdmin can be only domain admin (KB04707-Unable to send email messages because the Send As permission has been revoked)
and local admin on server box where bes is installing
and ALWAYS log as BESAdmin when you do any upgrades to BES or installation of MR-s
Is you planing to install Service Pack 1 Interim Security Software Update
You have to perform that update as a built in admin (not domain admin, enterprise admin or BESAdmin)
ok...did I read that right? You said BESadmin can't be a domain admin, then on the next line said it can be a domain admin.

I am confused. It's not a domain admin, but we were trying to run the command in exchange management shell as another domain admin. The BESAdmin account, however, is not a domain admin.

That said, this is all on Exch2010 SP1.
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