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Originally Posted by daphne View Post

I believe that is correct that Desktop Manager 4.5 and above do not support Outlook 2000. If you absolutely cannot upgrade Outlook, the safest thing would be to have your users install Desktop Manager 4.2 without Media Manager/Roxio. The PCs should be checked for the presence of the vulnerable shown file in the screenshot and it should be deleted if present.

According to what I read, there have been no instances of the Desktop Manager/Roxio vulnerability being used with exploits so far. That's not to say it couldn't happen, however.

Thanks for the reply & info. I mentioned this to our guy who sets up PCs and he also pointed out that when he's installed the Roxio piece on machines that they seem to take a lot longer to boot, 'hanging' during the 'applying computer settings'. I've never been all too impressed with this implementation of Roxio and think I will follow your advice. Thanks for the heads up and the assistance.
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