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Default BB7520 and Bluetooth

Since the original thread was lost...

There is an echo issue with BB7520 with os4.0 and bluetooth. On most all headsets, when the volume is above 50-60% you will get a noticealbe echo from your own voice. This is avoidable by keeping the volume at lower levels whenever possible (this can be assisted by your choice of headset--those with speakers inside the ear canal will help more). So far in my personal quest for a bluetooth headset, I have tried the BlueTrek G2, the Bluespoon AX, the Motorola HS-810 and the 820, and the Jabra BT250. The one I am going to stick with is the Jabra BT250. I find it to be overall more comfortable than the others, and the fact that the speaker is inside the ear canal helps with keeping to volume low to avoid echo. I do wish that the Jabra was able to cancel a little bit more background noise, but that really isn't as much of an issue as the background noise with the Bluespoon or the HS-820.