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TallPaul86 08-15-2009 03:23 PM

Transaction Issue - FAO Mods ideally
I posted the following advert in the Buy Sell & Trade section of the forum: -

A seller by the name of Crystal Baker emailed me to say she had one available for sale and she would send me one all in for $400, to which i agreed after emailing her SEVERAL times to ensure it was actually there and in her possession.

I paid via PayPal and a week later the money left my account. Since then there has been no communications and no word from her. I have already escalated this to PayPal however i just have this small niggle that i might be $400 out of pocket.

First of all can the mods keep the above topic in the forum for the time being? Also can the mods check to see if a user with the email address of [email address] is registered on this site? And lastly can we ensure that the Buy, Sell & Trade sections of the forum have access only to those who are either members or even introduce a paid subscription service enabling only those who are paid members access to this.

I never though i would see the day where i was scammed however it does seem as though i wasn't cautious enough.

Any advice would be great

JSanders 08-16-2009 12:16 PM

Wirelessly posted (9530; (I'm mobile) MF231; 35h)

We'll check it out for you and take appropriate action on the user when finally determine there had been fraud involved.
All BST section transactions are at your own risk and you are users are encouraged to check paypal and other ebay feedback first.

akosnitzky 08-17-2009 12:01 AM

I am sorry what happened to the OP if fraud did indeed occur. Nice gesture by Mr. Sanders nonetheless

TallPaul86 08-17-2009 07:10 PM

Thankfully got PayPal to side with myself and have had the money refunded back to my card - all is well!

Also to give folks a heads up as well, i was receiving emails from someone called Alex Matassa with a gmail account who claimed to be able to sell me an unlocked BB Tour and ship it to me in the UK for $350

After i asked for proof (i.e. a photo of it) and he sent me, quite literally, the WORST ever photoshop drawing in the history of mankind.

I received a .pst file as proof of ownership - never even knew what it was!

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