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DovEphraim 06-29-2010 04:12 PM

Cameras stopped working -- help!
Both the still camera and the video camera on my Curve 8330 quit working about a week ago. I've seen a number of suggestions to delete recently-added applications, but I didn't add anything new before they stopped working. When I open the video recorded, the screen appears for a few seconds, then goes back to the main applications page; when I open the still camera, I get the message: "Could not start the camera. Close other applications and try opening the camera again" -- but all other applications are closed (not just ended with the red "hang-up" button). Turning it off or removing the battery to reboot don't help . . .

dankarlinski 06-30-2010 08:33 AM

Wirelessly posted (White and Nerdy)

Pull the battery while the phone is on. Then try it

DovEphraim 06-30-2010 04:08 PM

No dice . . . same error message on the still camera, same disappearing act on the video camera. Any other suggestions? (Similar complaints from previous years which I've found while searching this forum suggest downloading the latest operating system -- but I think the Blackberry Desktop Manager automatically looks for updates every time I synch. Other suggested solutions from those previous years said to select "Close" from the menu of all applications, which I did, and to remove any recently-downloaded applications, which I also did.)

SteveO86 07-01-2010 07:08 AM

If a battery pull does not fill it, it's most likely a hardware issue.
Only other thing to try is wipe the device is JL_CMDer and reload the OS.. but it is looking like a hardware issue.

dc/dc 07-02-2010 05:22 AM

This is the wrong section.

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