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Tom 02-06-2011 12:53 PM

Explanation of what happened the past few days.
I understand your hesitation in being here, especially with some of the warning and red flags that have been floating around the last few days. There are several teams currently in place and they are thoroughly looking over the server. One team that specializes in security risks and the other that specializes in "hardening" the server. It seems we were compromised using a back door. No Trojans, malware or virus's are or have been hosted on our servers. Instead, a script was injected into a server wide configuration page using "ProxyPass" and as a result this proxy mimicked our links and rewrote them as it liked, and forwarded you to the ip address: If you can, please block this IP address, and if you can't, please send a email to [email address] stating the above IP is sending out malware. We have scripts in place monitoring the server, and alterations to any code. Currently McAfee and Google Labs have declared the site safe. We will be on top of this for quite some time, making sure the server and the content we are sending you is 100%. If you have any concerns, please PM me. or email me [email address] Thank you.

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