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LunkHead 05-04-2007 09:08 PM

New Member Question Area?
This might get a bit long so I apologize in advance if it does...

I know that many of the Linux / Unix sites I visit have a New Members Question area. I know we have the welcome area and all but i mean an area for new members who are just learning about the BB to post their questions instead of cluttering up the specific device area. Most sites I visit will have a mod in charge of that area and then several Team Members to help police that area and answer questions... Mods move questions deemed as such to that area so they may be answered by the Team Members....

Also move this New Member Questions Area to the very top of the board like this perhaps:

New Members Questions (53 viewing)
New members please post here first or search for your answer
BlackBerryForum's Very own FAQ WIKI Information DataBase.

New Member Introductions (23 viewing)
New members introduce yourself here. Please post technical questions in the New Members Question Area

General BlackBerry Discussion (64 viewing)
Discuss anything related to the existing BlackBerry Model Line Here


I think this might free up much of the clutter we currently see in the device specific areas and will also free the Mod's up to do other tasks and answer the tougher questions...

The Team Members can be lead by a current mod(s) and they would be responsible for directing new members to answers that are already provided here on the site, link them to the answer if provided on BBFAQ or and / or provide the answer to questions posted or moved to this area. if a question is posted in this area that is deemed beyond that area by a Mod then a Mod could move it to the appropriate area of the site......

New members could be directed to this area upon registration (if possible) and asked to post questions in this area 1st. If a Mod or Team Member deems their question as needing further or advanced action then a Mod could move it to the appropriate area....

Sorry for rambling but with the size of this site, the numbers of registered users along with the amount of daily posts (many could easily be placed in new members area) I believe this would free the clutter up and allow the Mod's to Mod and answer the hard questions... I also think members and visitors would find the site much less cluttered as we all know the device area(s) get the same question asked over and over again....

--Mod see post that need to be in this area and moves it...
--BBF Team Member answers or directs user to past post that addresses the question

BBF Team Member / Mod sees a post that needs to be elsewhere.... BBF Team Member notifies a Mod that the post needs moving or a Mod notices and then moves to the device (ect) specific area for further action.

EDIT for more info:

BBF Team Members or whatever they would be called would not have mod power.... They can't ban / close threads ect.... That's for the big boys. These BBF Team Members would simply patrol the New Members Question Area and stay in contact with the Mod(s) in charge of that area... If a post needs to be moved ect then BBF Team Members would contact a regular Mod and regular can make decision...

If using Team Members is not an option then I still think a New Members Question Area would be great and free the clutter off of the device areas up. The current mods (without team members described above) could police that area as they currently monitor all posts as it is now.

Just a thought....



LunkHead 05-05-2007 05:55 AM

Edited the above several times and forgot to add this:

In addition to the above I think a Wiki Team to build on the current information that is on, keep it up to date and add more information would be awesome! could become the largest, most up to date BB wiki on the net!

The Wiki Team would be responsible for keeping up to date the most complete and in-depth wiki for BlackBerry... They would add new information, keep it updated, and would also report to a Mod in charge of this area..

BBF Team Members and BB Wiki Members would work hand in hand and could report to the same Super Mod(s) who are in charge of the members of these area...

Many of the sticky threads could be moved there and the bbfaq could be used as the store all database for all the awesome sticky threads that are currently housed here....

Just another thought... Sorry for rambling.... Time for work now :)

LunkHead 05-05-2007 04:48 PM

Mod's please delete.... I posted this in Off Topic...


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