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wellingtonboot 09-08-2011 11:50 AM

Facebook update.
There I was quite happy with the Facebook app that came on my Curve 9300 and today I get a notification from Blackberry that there is an upgrade.

Unable to get rid of the notification from the top bar I clicked through the info and logged in to my Blackberry account hoping to get rid of the notification from there.

Once in, I did think, well why not update cos it might be better.

I so wish I hadn't. The update has overwritten the original so that is no longer available. And the new one is a nightmare.

Planned out quite well in all, but it just wont work properly on my phone. The curser cannot pick out 'comments' if I want to look at comments on a post and the page flys past as though it has a mind of it's own, going backwards and forwards at speed.

Twice in half an hour it has frozen my phone so I've had to pull the battery.

I've deleted it now, and found that a few other things had changed my ring tone....although goodness knows why.

So I now just have the m.facebook on my brower and am looking round searching for the original app to put back on, although I doubt very much that I'll find it.

If you get a notice to update, think very carefully before you decide to do it....:?

Ang x

LunkHead 09-10-2011 02:47 PM

Re: Facebook update.
The new FB update actually works quite well on my 9900...

I have recently used the Android and iPhone FB versions and I have came to realize that they are all JUNK!

The browser option is always the best but you don't get notifications that way....

wellingtonboot 09-11-2011 03:53 AM

Re: Facebook update.
I've downloaded it for the 3rd time and took nearly 5 mins trying to get past the terms and conditions screen to press accept cos the page kept whizzing back to the start. Eventually managed it and clicked on accept so fast I was quite proud of my 57yr old reactions lol...:) Cleared caches before download, took battery out after to re-boot, cleared caches history etc just left with notification thing so have logged out till I can find the link on here for the hotfix

Unless anyone has got the hotfix and that's bad too....please warn me if it is...:)

Ang x

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