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TexasJack09 10-24-2011 11:04 PM

Facebook app on bold 9650 help
Hello everyone,
this is my first time on this forum.

Now, i don't know if the facebook app for blackberry just sucks butt, or it just hates me...

I can't seem to find a way to post links or photos on friends' walls.
I only seem to be able to write stuff.
My friend has a droid phone and he posts pictures and videos on my wall with no effort.
I have also tried to go to the mobile website ad try it there, but i don't see any option to post links or videos on their page.

Are we just unable to do it on blackberries, or is it just my ignorance?

Also, my blackberry tends to hide personal message notifications from me. I have to go into the menu at the top left and select "messages" and there will be a new message there, but no red star to indicate a new one. It's kind of a pain when i'm expecting an important message and i have to keep on guessing when the message will be there.
A similar problem is that notifications are kind of slow to receive. for example, as i scroll down the page to look at others' updates and my own, i will occasionally see "likes" or comments under my posts, yet the app never notifies me. I have to manually go into the notifications menu, and BING! they magically appear before me. So, i actially have to go into the notifications menu for the app to notify me...

Sorry if this has been discussed before, i hope some of you will be able to help me.
Thanks in advance.

wellingtonboot 10-25-2011 11:46 AM

Re: Facebook app on bold 9650 help

It really depends what app you have as to how it works. Mine is the 1.9 version, and all the options are along the top. Notifications, upload a photo etc. Click on them, have a fiddle and see how they work. Just experiment really. If you click on friends and go onto their profile page you will see an icon like a pointing finger...that does the pokes...:)

The 2.0 version is very much like the one I have on the Android. Click on the word Facebook and it should take you to a 'box' of options....your profile, messages, photos etc and most stuff can be done from there.

You could always go into your files, pictures, then choose a photo, click on it so it gets large then click on menu and the option is in there to 'share' with Facebook.

If you go onto Friends then you should see some options, either as small symbols or something to poke, tag etc.

Without seeing what app you have I'm only guessing that your's is the same as one of mine....:)


For the m.facebook if you click on Friends at the top of the page, then you get a list of your friends....choose the friend and click on their name which takes you to their profile.....then scroll right down to the bottom of the page and you will see a list of options....poke, message etc.

On your own page, if you scroll right down to the bottom there are all your options, notifications, places, groups events photos etc.

To post a pic off m.facebook, look just underneath where you would make a post and it says photo. Click on that and you get the option to browse....that will take you to your photos and you can upload. You can also put a comment on with the pic.

I'm wondering to if you have the setting set right for the notifications. Go onto MENU....OPTIONS....and tick the boxes that say messages to go into your message box, and tick Facebook notification. There are two more options in there, one to contact with out contacts,....which I haven't done, and one to conect with the calender again which I havent done.

Anyway, you are probably more confused now than you were

Just click on stuff, experiment and find your way around bit by bit...:)

Ang x

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