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Ntandosharon 07-20-2013 02:35 PM

I have encountered a weird problem on whatsapp for months now, the messages sent and received within one hour went disappeared without deleting them. Please help to look into the problem and advise me I have a blackberry 9300 and I have a problem with my whatsapp it keeps deleting my chat history whenever I switch off my phone or restarts it and it shows a two week history/conversation not the yesterday one or few hours back and I did read the FAQ but its not helping and my chat history is enabled and set to a media card and the media is working properly and its a 4GIG with a lot of free space and I did unistall whatspp so may times to see if the problem will go away but it doesn't its driving me insane. I have no clue where I am in conversations because all the recent stuff keeps disappearing! I emailed whatsapp and they told me what to do but the problem won't go away and I'm sure the phone has a problem not whatsapp ,but how does this just start happening out of the blue while it was working well at first? I'm losing a lot of messages and media I would have liked to keep. I've come to point were I'm completely afraid of restarting my phone because all my massages & chat history taken back to a single point in time about two weeks back.
Whatsapp VER 2.10.9806
OS 6.0.0
Phone model/device: 9300
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NJBlackBerry 07-20-2013 02:56 PM

Re: whatsapp
One thread per topic please. Thanks.

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