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pyrosee 11-25-2007 05:01 AM

UMA calls: Drop/Inconsistent/Fail
I was just wondering if anyone has ever gotten a solid answer from T-Mo regarding quality and dependability of calls while on UMA. Just today i had 2 calls go straight to voicemail. One time it rang one time, and showed as a missed call. Two times yesterday calls just showed up as missed calls.
That's just the incoming call problems.

My outgoing call issues included, but are not limited to:
Dial a number and get a "call failed" with three rising tones. It will sometimes take three or four attempts to get a call out.

Dial a number and get a fast busy signal. A few times.

I know I am not the only one to experience these UMA issues, and while I understand that UMA is new service and the bugs need to be worked out... Don't these seem like HUGE bugs for a mainstream product? Has anyone gotten a solid answer from T-Mo regarding these issues? If you have, I would love to see what they have told you.

The answer I continue to get is overloaded UNC's.
Or a undisclosed internal networking issue.
Or a software update is on the way...

thanks all!

ezrunner 11-25-2007 07:52 AM

Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry8700/4.2.1 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/100)

Welcome to a new product and all the bugs associated with it.

ericthebikeman 11-25-2007 11:26 AM

Mine worked perfectly yet a co-worker in the next cube has issues with UMA being available on a regular basis, his problems sound kind of like yours. T-Mo said return the phone for a new one or reinstall the firmware.

John Clark 11-25-2007 05:26 PM

Mine has worked very well, short of an incoming call issue that TMo engineeering had to work out on their end. Beyond that I've had a good experience with UMA. UMA's quality depends largely on the router being used and your ISP.

pyrosee 11-25-2007 07:06 PM

Well I am on the third replacement curve and a t-mo linksys router. Ports forwarded, mac address set to highest priority. Other than that, I am on Comcast.

John- What did they say was the incoming call issue for you exactly?

HaTaX 11-26-2007 02:25 AM

Pyrosee, you may want to try rolling back to the .175 OS that was released or even the newer .184 version to see if they help your UMA calls at all.

I am guessing that your internet connection performs well on your computer with no long pauses or anything?

Something I add to all my wifi profiles is the allow access point rollover option, I'm not sure that it's needed all the time, but it always seems to ensure a quick, smooth transition over to UMA and a "more" reliable signal bar. (Signal bar seems static after UMA is established)

pyrosee 11-26-2007 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by HaTaX (Post 751992)
I am guessing that your internet connection performs well on your computer with no long pauses or anything?
... allow access point rollover option.. (Signal bar seems static after UMA is established)

Ya I have called comcast just to make sure I am getting no strange hiccups in my connection. My service seems just as fast as it always has been. I have done a few speed tests and some tracert's to various places.

I did also add the allow access point rollover option. I did that on the second replacement curve, and now on this one (the third).

I suppose the next thing would be to downgrade/upgrade the device. Or perhaps just wait a few months until they workout the bugs and like I told t-mo, I finally get what was advertised and what I pay for. I can't complain too much- overall I am saving quite a bunch with the switch from ATT to T-Mo.

sgtcasey 11-26-2007 10:03 PM


hotburnttoast 11-26-2007 10:44 PM

Something I add to all my wifi profiles is the allow access point rollover option,

How do I enable this feature on my 8320 :oops:

John Clark 11-26-2007 11:20 PM

Manage Connections >Wifi Options >Select the network and click "Edit." You'll see the box to check for that.

pyrosee 11-27-2007 12:32 AM

I agree that I shouldn't have to tweak the t-mo routers settings, but I wanted to be absolutely positive. I forwarded the ports to my blackberry IP. The exact ports I forget off the top of my head- I had read those in another thread about what ports UMA uses. I also had a dlink non-tmo router, then bought a linksys WRT 300N, and finally just got the t-mo router.

Yes, I did set up my 911 info.

I get dropped calls all the time when I pull up to a starbucks and I am on a call. Mostly when I am in a vehicle at a particular starbucks right on the corner and am at a stoplight. When I leave the stoplight it drops the call. When I am walking downtown and on a call, it's less of an issue; I think the phone has a little more time to react to the UMA to Mobile switch. When I leave the house I try and remember to change my settings to "mobile network preferred" just to avoid this. But I do depend on my UMA at home due to a weak signal.

I do power cycle that router frequently. In fact, I have made a habit of getting home and power cycling the modem, router, and then my phone when I am home for the evening.

I will say that I experience these issues less often with the t-mo router, but nonetheless, it's still happening.

I am really just thinking this is going to be resolved with a phone software update as they work these bugs out. I have done my part my reporting everything that has happened to t-mo. I hope it works better for all of us soon!


Originally Posted by sgtcasey (Post 753303)
I had an issue recently with incoming calls over UMA going right to voicemail without ever ringing my 8320. Tested at home by placing my SIM card into a Nokia 6086, same thing. Went to a Border's nearby to test on their HotSpot and same thing (to rule out my home network, router, ISP).

Called into work and had them file a trouble ticket but the issue seemed to resolve itself. They're leaving the ticket open for 5 days and I test it several times per day when I can. If it happens again I'll call back in to report the issue.

If you're having an issue like this make sure to test at another location preferably a T-Mobile HotSpot to rule out issues that might be caused by your home network, router, or ISP.

You shouldn't have to tweak the T-Mobile router's out much since they're pre-configured to work with UMA so I'm not sure what ports you forwarded unless they have nothing to do with UMA.

Just to make sure but did you set up a valid E911 address on your account? It's something that is required by law that T-Mobile have on file and I suspect if it's not there you might have some UMA problems. At any rate, setting it up rules out one thing that might cause issues.

I'm using my 8320 with a Buffalo WHR-G125 router running DD-WRTv24 with, so far, no issues (other than the call to voicemail thing that seemed to fix itself). I don't have anything fancy set up on the router except QoS placing the 8320 as the priority device by MAC. I am also using Comcast as my ISP.

Something to keep in mind is a powercycle of the router if you continue to have issues. It couldn't hurt and based on my experiences with other Linksys routers it seemed to solve issues I'd have periodically when it came to plain old 'net access.


sgtcasey 11-27-2007 10:40 AM


pyrosee 11-28-2007 12:33 AM

I can get a dropped call almost everytime at this particular (starbucks) hotspot. And another (starbucks) hotspot downtown. I can either be on a call on EDGE and it will about 50% of the time "CALL FAIL" when it switched to UMA. I can also place a call while on UMA at these locations and walk to my car, or walk out to work and get the same thing "CALL FAIL". What exactly should I be looking for or talking to t-mo about the "potential handset or account problem" you are referring to? Keep in mind this is my third 8320 and fourth simcard so I would hope it wouldn't be another of those issues but I suppose you never know...
I still do have a open trouble ticket with t-mo engineering, so if there are specific questions I can ask them, I would love to...

EDIT: I just got home from work and when I pulled up to the house while I was on a call it dropped and I got "Call Failed" when it went over to UMA (on my t-mo router).


Originally Posted by sgtcasey (Post 753807)
Something else to keep in mind is that in order for your call to successfully transfer from UMA to the GSM network the handset has to be able to set that up.

If you suddenly lose wireless signal that set up can't happen or doesn't have a chance to complete and your call is guaranteed to drop 100% of the time.

A good test here would be to stop at the Starbuck's, place a call, and walk down the street a bit until you leave wireless range. If your call drops then you may have a handset issue or there could be a problem with your account.

I've done trouble tickets for dropped UMA/GSM handovers before so it's something to consider if this issue continues to happen.


sgtcasey 11-28-2007 09:59 PM


pyrosee 11-30-2007 05:17 AM

Nope, no third party apps to speak of on any of the three 8320's I've had. I haven't seen much feedback on UMA and the .184, so I'm kinda reluctant to give it a shot. I am really not sure what else to try either to be honest, other than to just keep beta testing it for t-mo (haha) :) That's OK I know I adopted this early so there will be bugs to work out!

willeffects 12-26-2007 01:44 AM

I have all the same exact symptoms. I just got my curve last week. Numerous times i've had calls going straight to voicemail while I've got full UMA signal. Since its xmas I haven't spoken to support about it yet, but will post my situation/resolution if any.


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