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tinhcoabc 06-03-2008 05:27 AM

BB 8320 T-mobile not connect wifi
last month, My BB8320 Version I connected nomally wifi

But This month can't connect wifi ( W.002)( do not understand ?? )

I upgrade BB8320 and that is lucky, my BB connect wifi normally.
But I don't like using beta version

I dowgrade to , and the error not connect wifi occur ( W.002).

How can I do??

tinhcoabc 06-04-2008 08:26 AM

up, anybody help me

tinhcoabc 06-08-2008 10:51 PM

after I type B U Y R in option-status, it appear
Data usage: Exceeded 250K
Voice Usage : Exceeded 60 Minutes.

Please help me explain it

oakie 06-10-2008 07:02 AM

have you tried resetting (power cycling) your router?

tinhcoabc 06-12-2008 01:32 AM

with router normal,

I have trouble this error, at the time turn on all Data service and wifi to connect

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