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Capita_7 08-13-2008 06:12 PM

Will Wi-Fi be avable at starbucks still even though at&t now owns it?
Wi-Fi Networking News: T-Mobile Loses Starbucks; ATxxx38;T Becomes Wi-Fi Hotspot Giant
As the title states as at&t bought the hot spots at star bucks will t mobile users still be able to make use of the hot spots?

dankarlinski 08-14-2008 07:17 AM

they will be able to use it, but will need to pay th eATT fees for it. the tmo plan for it no longer is in effect as it is not tmo internet

monkeypaw 08-15-2008 12:49 AM

The original press release at either AT&T or Tmobile's website mentioned a 5 year roaming agreement for Tmobile users. I rarely get to Starbucks and ever more rarely use my phone there, but I am fairly sure you can still use UMA on an 8320 at Starbucks. If you look up the Hotspots on the Tmobile coverage map, you'll see lots of Starbucks locations there.

Here's a Tmobile mention from February 2008:

"...Even after the transition, T-Mobile HotSpot and HotSpot@Home customers will continue to experience seamless Wi-Fi access at Starbucks locations for at least the next five years under a roaming agreement between T-Mobile USA and AT&T. .."

dankarlinski 08-15-2008 09:54 AM

it looks like you can then. i was never aware of a roaming agreement.. sorry about the false info

DaveAnderson 08-24-2008 09:03 AM

Wirelessly posted (Curve)

I am at starbucks typing this over a wifi connection. Two signals showed up on the wifi scan - at&t and tmobile. Connected to tmobile just fine.

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