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Matt1408 01-21-2010 07:19 AM

Signal - Wifi
i have a 9700 bold, had it for nearly a month, and i live in a flat where i dnt get any signal unless i keep my phone by the window. but int he flat im connected to wifi, which is also connected to my laptop for the internet, and xbox for xbox live...latley ive reaslised that im getting signal on my phone with out having to put it by the window, and have been told that this is because its getting it from my wireless??

But when im on the phone and playing the xbox at the same time, when my phone looses signal it cuts out...cuts off my xbox live and cuts my wireless of the internet? all really starnge, just wonderd wether anyone had an explanation to this? or wether its just my wireless loosing signal to cut everything off?

Its just that i can only normally use my phone to ring sumone for around 4-5 mins before it cuts everything off

help will be much appreciated


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