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Mr.DHB 04-03-2010 02:45 PM

Orange UK? connected via UMA abroad??
Hi all, i'll try and keep this as brief as i can... but theres alot to say :)

I've been searching google and these forums for days now and i cannot find a definitive answer, so hopefully you guys can help?

right i understand about UMA and how it's used (or should be used), but i have 2 questions

1)Has anyone on Orange UK managed to connect via UMA abroad?

I ask because I've read the orange t & c's about UMA and they say they will not allow connection to their UMA gateway via public hotspots or abroad. But the guy in the orange store said he has done it in both France and Australia, and I've seen posts online saying people have done it as well. Now i understand that the infrastructure your connecting to/through abroad needs to support UMA and have IPsec enabled and all that jazz, but i just want to know from you guys (uk people really) if you have successfully established a UMA tunnel through to Orange UK from another country?

If you have please list what country you was in? what phone? and how recent it was?

2)My second question is if you did establish a successful UMA connection, when you made calls / txt's where you charged roaming rates? Or did the call's txt's come out of your plan allowance?

Now again i've done alot of searching and their is no definitive answer on this? some people saying they got charged roaming rates and others saying the calls and txt's came out of their plan as if they were connected at home in the UK. Again the orange guy in store told me he has done this several times in Australia and was not charged roaming rates and the calls came out of his standard plan. I understand in the US they seem to have specific plans offered by T-mobile, (hotspot@home and loyalty i think) to cover this, but obviously i'm UK and so don't have access to such plan's / services

Just to add some context to this, i'm asking because i'm going travling in about 6 months and want to know if this is possible to save on roaming charges obviously.

Thanks in advance for any help, and apologies for the long post, just wanted to try and be as specific as possible.

thanks guys + gals

moffmeister 08-06-2010 08:51 AM

belated reply - I have used UMA sucessfully in 2008 in France - full coverage (was via an Orange Livebox - may make a difference?) making calls to UK and receiving texts/emails - I am on a business plan (through work) as far as I know this is free (included in the plan) - don't think it is the same for non business customers it is charged as a standard call I think

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