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samcleanwindows 08-08-2010 11:15 AM

no network found pls help .
Hi my bb 8820 was working just fine picking up any wifi hot spot or at home using my connection .recently my young son got to my phone and don't know what he did but i can't get any wifi connection ,even if i scan for network nothing comes up. if i go to set up wi fi connection only 2 choices comes scan for network and manually add network , but no more hot spot log in .I tried to fix but I'm sure a messed it up more.

Dubdub 08-08-2010 11:31 AM

Is it an 8800 as your profile says, or the 8820 as in your post? If 8820, please update your profile.

Have you tried a battery pull?

Do you have a good backup? If so you can try a restore.

samcleanwindows 08-08-2010 11:52 AM

it's the 8800 serios but 8820 phone . battery pull didn't help.
but now its sayin i'm connected but can't get to the internet .

MidnightDraven 08-08-2010 11:54 AM

8800 and 8820 are 2 different models.
PLease update your profile with the correct model number (8820).

Dubdub 08-08-2010 12:23 PM

Do you have a BB data plan activated on the phone? If so, resend your service books.

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