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obsoletepower 08-30-2010 09:52 AM

Bold 9700 won't reconnect to WiFi
Hi everybody. I recently got the Bold 9700 and I have it setup for wifi but I am having an issue for which I couldn't find a solution in other threads. I have a non-hidden SSID with WPA2-Personal wireless encryption. When I create the wifi profile on my phone it connects to wifi no problem and the WiFi logo turns white so I know it's connected to the blackberry infrastructure.

The problem is that if I switch off the WiFi radio or the wifi drops for any reason, it will not reconnect no matter what I do unless I delete the wifi profile on my phone and re-create it. Since I am not using DHCP it is very annoying having to enter the ip address, subnet mask, dns addresses and gateway address every time.

I could just leave wifi on all the time but the problem is that it will drop overnight and in the morning I'll have the same problem again. Can anyone please recommend a possible fix for this? It baffles me.

Trimix 08-31-2010 12:17 AM

Do you have other profiles listed under Wifi Options? If so, you might want to bring the profile to the top of the list. I believe BlackBerry wifi starts at the top and goes down the list when trying to connect for a wifi spot.

obsoletepower 09-01-2010 09:41 AM

I have an update. So since I am with WIND Mobile here in Canada, their latest version of the OS is I managed to find a link to a recent OS which I upgraded my phone to. That has fixed the problem. It works like a charm now. Thanks for the reply Trimix!

Trimix 09-03-2010 10:32 AM

Glad to hear the issue has been resolved. For future reference you can always go to the Bold 9700 section of this forum for the latest OS version available as well. They do a great job of keeping it updated.
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