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mango0207 10-31-2010 06:53 AM

Need Help !!! Page Fault ??
I just bought a BB 9520~ I have log in Facebook by using Wifi ~and there is not problems occur. However , yesterday when i tried to watch a video from Facebook , my BB pop out one messange -Page fault , and the handphone shut down and restart itself.....I have no choice but re-set my handphone . The problem still existed ! I can't browse anything even the handphone is connect Wifi ~! :?:?:?:?

Is anybody can solve my problem ???

aiharkness 10-31-2010 06:58 AM

By "re-set" do you mean you did a battery pull? If not, then, with the power on, remove the battery for at least 30 seconds, then try again. But sounds like a problem with that page on the blackberry. If it happens again, I'd give up on it.

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