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Janet Zillah 11-14-2010 11:58 AM

Wi Fi set up for 8520
i just bought this model up from the blackberry pearl.
I am on orange dolphin pay as you go with the blackberry add on
already and am supposed to get unlimited internet access, emails etc.
It won't access the internet and is asking me to set up the wifi connection.
How do I set the phone up so I just use my normal orange server for the internet the way it was on the pearl?
How come I am not yet recieving my emails, nor am I able to email and can't seem to send texts yet.

I guess I am confused as to why, if I am on the same plan with blackberry, it all just doesn't transfer over smoothly?


Motorcycle Mama 11-14-2010 12:49 PM

Re: Wi Fi set up for 8520
Did your carrier verify that your data plan is active on your new device?
Sometimes it takes a little while on some carriers.

Dubdub 11-14-2010 01:06 PM

Re: Wi Fi set up for 8520
I have seen that Orange and some other carriers can take 24 hours or more before the account is activated. You should receive an activation message on your device. then you can set up email and access other RIM related services.

Since you seem to be replacing an old device, make sure that you long onto your BIS site and enter the new IMEI and PIN so email is routed to the new device. Then resend the service books and do a battery pull on the BB.

Some carriers do not allow WiFi access until you have the BB data plan. Not sure if yours is one of those or not. If your service is activated and you do not have WiFi, then there you need to start checking things out.

For text messages, you need to talk to the carrier and make sure that is activated since it is a phone issue, not a data issue.

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