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cheeseejrr 01-10-2011 01:36 PM

App world won't connect?
Sorry I don't know where to put this but I'm in a rush out, basically I just got a new Blackberry Torch on Orange (UK) and I have a 500MB internet in my plan as everything else works perfectly, texts, internet etc, I'm connected to my home's wifi and yet the app world says I can't connect because I'm not on the wifi?

MidnightDraven 01-10-2011 01:50 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
Is the message "Not registered with the wireless network"? That is something different, no wi-fi.

Do you have a blackberry data plan?

Dubdub 01-10-2011 01:51 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
You must have a BB data plan and the appropriate service books that come with it, to access any RIM service, such as App World, BBM, email, Facebook, maps, etc. A generic data plan will not work.

cheeseejrr 01-10-2011 01:57 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
I don't know what the HELL you're on about, I have a 500 MB data plan, I CAN GO ON THE INTERNET AND FACEBOOK

MidnightDraven 01-10-2011 02:04 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
The facebook app or facebook via the browser?
If the app, then you have the correct data plan and we can trouble shoot the app world problem.
If the browser, it sounds like you don't have the blackberry data plan, and its required for app world to work.

Dubdub 01-10-2011 02:29 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
The data plan MUST be a specific Blackberry data plan. Do you have that specific plan?

cheeseejrr 01-10-2011 03:00 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
the facebook app! nowhere have i EVER seen 'blackberry data plan' on any contract plan, ever.

Dubdub 01-10-2011 03:15 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
If you want App World, email and the other RIM related services, you need to cal your carrier and ask that you data plan be changed to the BB plan. That is the ONLY way to get those services.

MidnightDraven 01-10-2011 04:38 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
Cheesee, in the UK they don't often call it a blackberry data plan, its often called one of the following: Blackberry Internet Service, blackberry bolt-on, blackberry booster, blackberry email etc.

If you can use the facebook app it does sound like you have the correct plan.

Can you tell us the exact error you get when trying to use app world?

deusmoney 03-23-2011 09:24 PM

Re: App world won't connect?
i have the same problem, does anybody have any answers? I cant download anything from the appworld because it wont login, but i can browse the apps. I get this error message when i try to login after i press the download button.

Blackberry appworld is having trouble connecting to the appworld server. Verify your network connections and try again.

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