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vito032 02-07-2011 11:52 PM

A little help with voice calls over wifi/UMA
OK I've looked and searched on this and i found that I didn't set up my 911 info on my t-mobile so i did that and I'm still having trouble. So here is whats going on. I'm set up and connected to wifi on my 9700. internet is very fast and all my apps work fine when I'm on WiFi. I'm having trouble with voice call when connected to WiFi /UMA it like I'm talking on the very first call phone ever made. broken and cracking on both ends. I know i have a good connection and it happens all the time when others are on the net or not and it doesn't just happen in one place or one router. It use to happen on my 8900 to but i thought it was just old but then i switch to my new phone and it was still happening i knew there was a problem.


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