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I had the DIR-655 and would like to know if I am the only one who had battery poblems when running that router?? I had it configured exactly like others have listed here and the battery life on my devices (mine and the wife's 8320's) both went from about 2.5-3 days between charges to half of that. We were lucky to make it to day 2 without having the devices shut down for lack of power. I really wanted this router to work, but I could not in anyway get it to react correctly (seemed like there was no power saving mode). Finally just returned as I could not justify the price increase for the lack of performance increase that I was seeing. Maybe someone has a workaround as I would be willing to try again. I have also had a few Belkins and can tell others in my experience, don't waste your time.
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Second, the Help screen on Wish says it is to help wireless transfers to other computers. It talks about helping wireless transfers from a PC to a Media Computer which isn't what is happening here. But, it could still have some impact if it helps doing some prioritizing that goes over and above the WMM setting. (WMM appears to change the way that packets are transmitted so it also helps, but perhaps at a different level than the Wish prioritizing so it couldn't hurt to set up both). Personally I did set up some Wish rules (differently than you - see below), but I wasn't sure if they helped beyond the existing WMM and other QoS settings.

Next, if you read closely the Host 1/Host 2 ranges represent the IP range of "one computer" to "the other" so by setting both IP ranges to the same, you've done a lot to help T-Mobile's servers talk wirelessly to each other via your router, but I don't think that would be happening. Instead you need to set Host1 to be one computer/port and Host2 to be the other computer/port. In other words, Host1/Port1 would represent the IP and ports used by your phone and Host2/Port2 would represent the IP and ports of the destination.

Finally, there are also QoS settings which represent priority going into and out of the router. These are the settings that talk about VOIP in the help screens while the Wish settings talk about helping things like communication between a PC and your Media Center in your home. I think both have a role here, so I set up both QoS and Wish rules.

Here was my technique (and some reasoning):

First, I do static IP reservations for all of my devices so I can access and track them without having to figure out what their IP is. For my technique it would be better if you reserved an IP for it.

Second, I set up 2 Wish rules with Host1 being my phone's IP and Host2 being open (all IPS from all 0s t all 255s). I didn't want to worry about T-Mobile changing the IP addresses of their servers later so by targetting my phone's IP address (over which I have control) instead of the T-Mobile IPs the rule should last better. I used these same IP ranges for 2 different Wish rules and set up one Wish rule for port 500 on both sides and the other for port 4500 on both sides. (See second pic below.)

Finally, I also set up 2 QoS rules similar to the above since this helps prioritize the router's use of the WAN connection to my broadband. I used a priority of 64 to make it lower than the default priority of 128, but not too low. In retrospect maybe a priority of 1 would be best. (See first pic below.)

Before when I looked at the Status>Internet Sessions my phone's connections were prioritized around 130 or so against a default of 128 - now they are prioritized at 64. Also, before when I looked at Status>Wish Sessions my phone's connections were prioritized as BE for Best Effort and now they are prioritized as VO for Voice.

I tested the configuration by starting a download and making a call and it seemed fine, but it wasn't a very exhaustive test. I need to set up multiple downloads that take more than a few seconds and see if the priorities keep up the voice quality for a longer time.
Thank you for this! I just bought this router today to use with my new BB Curve and this is going to save me soo much time trying to figure it out myself!
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