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clever_endeavor 04-28-2008 02:09 PM

WTB:Titanium Case for 8100 Pearl
Want TITANIUM case/shell/body for 8100 Pearl
Item Wanted : Titanium Case for 8100 Pearl
Price Range : Anywhere from $40USD to $80USD
Currency : USD
Requirements : Basically Mint.

Buyer Details
Location : Chicago suburbs, IL, USA
Willing to Pay for Shipping : You bet
Payment Prefrences : Paypal or clickbank or whatever else floats your boat.
Contact : PM me, or shoot me an e-mail.

I've got the general 8100 Pearl, and I have some scratches and scuffs and such, and I figure if I'm going to replace the case/shell/body anyway, I might as well try to find a Titanium one.


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