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dak244 10-27-2009 03:35 PM

WTB: Verizon Blackberry Storm1 - 9530 (See Notes!)
Item Wanted : Verizon Blackberry Storm 1
Price Range : =< $100 (see Notes below)
Currency : USD
Requirements : Fully functioning. Cosmetic scratches and/or dents not a problem as long as they don't affect performance (and ideally not directly on center of screen)

Buyer Details
Location : GA (USA)
Willing to Pay for Shipping : Y
Payment Prefrences : Paypal
Contact : david.kinney(@) or PM me

Notes I REALLY want to pick up the Storm2, but due to upgrade issues, am unable. Therefore, I thought I would try to get a Storm1 to use for a while to make sure I really like the form factor and "style" prior to using my upgrade.

I really would like to pay around $100 is due to the fact that A) I don't have a lot of expendable cash, hence why I am not springing full retail for the Storm2 or the Tour. B) With the Storm2 coming out, being so much more superior to the Storm1, I am hoping it will significantly drive demand down and lower the price and MOST IMPORTANTLY, C) I will take this thing off your hands quickly so that you can offset the price of your upgrade or full retail purchase of the Storm2.

I am not looking for the Mint, Brand New Storm (unless your still at the same price :)) but rather one that is in relatively "decent" condition and fully functions as necessary. This unit is merely to get used to the form factor and touch screen aspects of a cell phone, being the first I've had.

SO, if you have a Storm that your looking to unload to offset the cost of your Storm2 tomorrow, and maybe it has a few marks or scratches so you've been hesitant to list it, please email or PM me.

Balkibird 11-08-2009 03:15 PM

Verizon Storm One 9530
Storm 9530
$160.00 US, Shipping in the Continental USA included.
Used a few days
All that it came with and the box etc. :

I can not get used to it

Nothing wrong with it! I like my Curve better for typing emails! I can send a pic to your email. Serial number by email only

dak244 12-06-2009 02:44 PM

Bumped up. still looking..

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