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Post GPSLogger [100% free - 100% offline]

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GPSLogger v0.4.10
I would like to use the opportunity to present the first release of an application that I have written for the all BB with OS 4.2.1 or higher [successfully tested (by other users and myself) with 8100, 8310, 8800, 8820, 9000 & 9500].

It's a quite straight forward application, that is recording your movement with your BB-phone over time - this includes Elevation and Speed (and some more data).

The main motivation to write this application was first of all to learn how to program my new Blackberry (via RIM's Java API) - The main benefit (compared to a JavaME Midlet) is, that you have full access to the hardware (like the Filesystem) without any confirmation from the user. Of course this will restrict the usability of the application to Blackberry devices only - but well - I own now one - so I do not care
The second reason for creating a own application was that I wanted to have a GPSLogging application without any kind of online access (so without any additional costs).

Of course I am looking desperately for feedback from other Blackberry Users (specially devices that I do not have tested) - your feedback is highly appreciated.

What you can do with GPSLogger v0.4.10:
  • Record your movement (as long as you take your BB with you)
  • Display current Position:
    • Longitude / Latitude
    • accuracy of Longitude / Latitude
    • # of Satellites
    • current altitude (in WGS84)
    • current course/heading
    • current speed [ speed (if available)]
    • travel distance
    • travel time
  • While recording you can mark your current position and specify a Note for it
  • While recording you can pause & resume the recording
  • Copy your current location data [Lon|Lat|Alt] into the Clipboard to be able to paste it in a SMS or eMail (or where ever you like)
  • 4 different Main views:
    • Path View: 2D-View of Longitude & Latitude values
    • Elevation View: Altitude over time
    • Speed View: Speed over Time
    • GPS View: Longitude / Latitude / Speed / course in a large font
    • Switch between Day/Night Mode
  • Options:
    • Select GPSLogger Font Size:
      • Small (= BB Default Font Size/1.5) [GPSLogger default]
      • Medium (= BB Default Font Size/1.25)
      • Large (= BB Default Font Size)
    • Specify the initial view of GPSLogger
    • Specify if the background should be always ON
    • Select NightMode Color Scheme [Yellow/Red/Green/Blue]
    • Specify the sample frequence (in which period the application will record the current position)
    • Directory on your BB device to which your Paths will be recorded (can be also SDCard)
    • Units in which the Data will be displayed (Metric/Imperial/Nautical)
    • Export Directory on your BB device
    • Specify the recipient list (when you have chosen eMail-Export) - separated multiple recipient eMail addresses by space
    • Export format(s): GPX & KML (GoogleEarth)
  • Load previously recorded Paths
    • Navigate with the trackball through your Path
    • Navigate with the Keyboard through your Path
      • a|s: Start Position
      • e|r: End Position
      • y/z|x: 15 Positions back
      • c|v: 1 Position back
      • b|n 1 Position forward
      • m: 15 Positions forward
    • Load previously recorded paths into the Background (as many as you like) to compare the current (e.g. recording) Path with previously recorded Paths. [e.g. to compare your actual hiking or biking route with the ones you did in the past]
    • Export a Path to GPX/KML (depeding on your Settings) to the BB filesystem
    • Export a Path to GPX/KML and send it automatically by BB-eMail to a recipient (list) [recipients configurable in options dialog]
  • The exported KML files can be loaded into GoogleEarth and you can get a detailed view of your paths

You can install GPSLogger "over the air" directly to your Blackberry device* via the following link:
(aprox. 90KiB)

or if you like to install it via RIM DesktopManager simply download a ZIP containing the ALX and the COD:

* unfortunately I did not managed to get OTA working with BB 8100 (4.2.1) Series devices - so if you are an 8100 owner, please download the zip below and install GPSLogger via DesktopManager (or javaloader)

Additional Notes
  • Even if I own a Storm myself there is no TouchScreen support (yet) - but once there is a stable/complete version of GPSLogger there will be a Strom enhanced Version, that allows to browse though a recorded Path via the TouchScreen (instead of the Keyboard)
  • GPSLogger currently only work with 'JSR179 LocationProvider' compatible Devices (this is the Java spec.) - these are for sure all BB with build in GPS-Receivers (as long as supported by the provider) - but I have already feedback from people using the software with external (Bluetooth) GPS-Pucks (as long as they are activated before the application start)

Finally: of course it would be nice, if this application meets your standards, that it can be listed in the 'All-known-gps-applications-bb' Thread (in the section free: 'Tracking, outdoor and recreational related GPS').

Looking forward for your comments

PS: Please visit the new GPSLogger Homepage
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