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Default Re: why blackberry users will bail on RIM

There are always staunch haters and staunch defenders on forums but the intelligent people fall somewhere in between, especially in a situation like this where it's obvious to anyone but the most devoted fanboi that BB needs to turn it around. I was a BB owner for years and I literally waited almost 3 years for BB to bring out a competitive device before I finally couldn't wait any more and switched. I read every new announcement hoping they would give me some good reason to upgrade to an exciting new phone.

Frankly now that I've got my Android Thunderbolt, I realize it was a mistake to wait so long because my mobile productivity has shot through the roof, I didn't realize just how much I was missing out on with my old Bold. Not to mention that my phone is now actually not only a productivity tool but FUN! I'm not sitting here hoping for BB to fail, I'm hoping to see them turn it around and bring out some competitive phones that do what they do so well, while also doing what they currently don't do well.

Re: rambo47's comments above, the issue isn't whether 17% is enough to keep RIM in business, that's plenty, it's whether their market share is going to continue to drop like an anchor. In this market it can happen incredible fast. aka Palm and others.

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