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Why Advertise with the Group of sites? is the Largest Community of its kind. We have the largest Professional BlackBerry Community. Our Search Engine Statistics and PageRank speak for themselves. Our main page is PR6, and our sponsors listing page is PR5. The solid exposure alone, is what drives so many advertisers to advertise with us, be it via dedicated Google Adsense bids, or banner advertisement through our advertising network.


When you advertise with, not only is your advertisement visible on, but also on the BBF sister site We only offer advertising spaces that are widely visible, yet non intrusive to our 500,000+ members and millions of guests. Placement is in the upper right header as well as centered in the footer. You will also receive your own “Platinum Sponsor” Forum, where any questions, discounts, or issues can be discussed with our userbase. The Platinum Sponsor Forum, as well as interaction with the community by posting about your product or service is highly recommended, not only are you receiving high value Google link placement, but you are guaranteeing the success of your campaign.


Present Day, has 500,000+ members and a archive of posts amongst forums, all of which are cached and highly ranked within Google. Presently each Yearly or Quarterly package will see 300,000 impressions each and every month, plus the ability to harness more exposure via contests, and simple word of mouth on the forums.


Not all quality sponsorship packages come at a outrageous price, you will notice that our advertising packages are very reasonably priced. Both the yearly and quarterly package include a Sponsor Forum, access to our AdServer, as well as a “Platinum Sponsor” title under your forum username. The Exclusive Package, if available allows you to be the only advertiser of that variety (ie. blackberry unlocker, dictionary developer, game developer, etc.) and these are only available on a Per Year Basis, and availability must be double checked via email.

Custom Options?

Please email for any custom options or campaigns. We can accommodate many different advertisement types. We will not however sell or give access to any of our users privacy. Absolutely no email mailings, etc.

To order, simply select which term you would like to start with, pay via Paypal and then email with banner and company specifications.

Banner Specifications:

Banners are to be 468x60 pixels, unlimited in frames and size. Vibrant GIF banners are highly recommended but flash and static banners are also accepted.

Payments are accepted via Paypal, and are automatically recurring. Here are the payment links:

$1500 Yearly Special -->
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