1/2" PT AC 110V Electric Solenoid Valve Brass Water Air Gas For Sale


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1/2" PT AC 110V Electric Solenoid Valve Brass Water Air Gas:

DocumentDescription:1.The use of a direct-acting diaphragm structure without pressure starts expands its field of use2.The flat diaphragm structure is reliable in opening and closing, and the service life of the product is enhanced3.The valve is N / C (normally closed), meaning it will shut down when not powered4.The valve body made of brass has excellent anti-pressure explosion-proof and corrosion resistance, fast heat dissipation, stable operation and no noise5.Copper core coil component is sufficient, work response is fast, not easy to heat6.When installing the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve mark on the valve body should be consistent with the flow of the pipeline fluid7.This brass solenoid valve has a wide range of applications and is easy to replace broken valves for water, air and other low viscosity fluidsSpecification:Body material:BrassType:Normally closedOperatiing:direct actingCV value:4.8Thread size:1/2"PTVoltage:AC110VWire Long:150mm/5.9"Operating voltage range:±10%Mode of action:Direct motionWorking medium:air, water, oilWorking temperature:-5~80 degrees CelsiusUse fluid viscosity: below 20CSTUse pressure:0~1MpaMaximum pressure resistance:1.0MpaTotal (LxWxH)Normally closed type:power on, always off when not energizedWiring method:two wires are connectedInstallation method:the bottom indicates the direction of water flow, which in turn will affect the use.Package Included:1xSolenoid ValveATTENTION: The solenoid valve coil must be in an upright position and the valve must not be installed in a place where there is water splash or water leakage.

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