1MHz-1.1GHz 1Hz-50MHz Crystal Oscillator Tester Frequency Counter Meter DIY Kits For Sale

1MHz-1.1GHz 1Hz-50MHz Crystal Oscillator Tester Frequency Counter Meter DIY Kits

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1MHz-1.1GHz 1Hz-50MHz Crystal Oscillator Tester Frequency Counter Meter DIY Kits:

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- This document describes the construction of small frequency counter with a cheap PIC microcontroller and a few seven-segment LED digits.
- Frequency range 1 Hz ... 50 MHz
- Five digits resolution (display for example x.xxxx kHz, x.xxxx MHz,
or xx.xxx MHz)
- Measuring signal amplitude can be up to 30 v
- 4-40 m passive crystals can measure
- Automatic range switching with different gate times
- Optional addition or subtraction of a frequency offset (programmable)
- Very low component count: a PIC 16F628, 5 7-segment LED displays, a 20MHz crystal and a few resistors
- Optional (configurable) power-saving mode which automatically turns
- The display off if the frequency didn't change significantly within 15seconds
- USB 5V or DC5-12V power supply can be used
Package included:
1x DIY Kits(DIY kits, not assembled)
1x USB cable


Color: Red
SIze: 8 x 5.4cm
Suitable For:
Crystal measure (4M, 16M crystal)
Crystal measure (20M, 11.0592M crystal)
This is a PIC microcontroller-based frequency meter, subtraction frequency is set with
crystal measurement functions and programmable, five digital display, easy and intuitive,
all using in-line components, the circuit is simple and easy to make
1. measurable frequency range of 1 Hz -50 MHz (1Hz-50MHz);
2. The most commonly used measure of the oscillation frequency of the crystal;
3. Five-digit precision resolution (eg 0.0050 kHz, 4.5765 MHz, 11.059 MHz);
4. Automatic range conversion, without human handover;
5. Programmable subtraction frequency setting, such as a transceiver for measuring equipment;
6. selectable power saving mode within 15 seconds if there is no significant change in the frequency automatically turn off the display;
7. You can use a common USB 5V interface, power supply, can also use an external DC power supply or 9V battery.
8. A small number of elements, all in-line components, installation is simple.
Instruction manual
1. All line elements, PCB printing press to the correct welding,
2. After welding is completed with a standard source input signal,
3. Adjust the yellow adjustable capacitor so that the display is equal to the value of the signal frequency
Packing Included:
1 x 1Hz-50MHz frequency meter (DIY kits, not assembled,No Case)Frequency CounterSpecification:Use 8 bit Microchip PIC16F648A,up to 1.1GHz
Gate time
0.64 seconds
Test sensitivity1 MHz ~ 10 MHz: superior 60mVpp10 MHz ~ 60 MHz: superior 60mVpp60 MHz ~ 1.1 GHz: not tested

3) . Frequency reference
5032 package 13.000 MHz Warming voltage controlled crystal oscillator ( VC - TCXO) , frequency stability is ± 2.5 ppm

IF settings
The minimum frequency is adjustable in steps of 100 Hz, frequency range 0 ~ 999.9999 MHz, can be set to plus or minus IF modeworking voltage
DC input: DC 9V ~ 12V
working current
The backlight is enabled: ≤ 55 mA backlight disabling: ≤ 55 mA
maximum of 8 digit display
physical dimensions
Length * width * height: 58mm × 32mm × 27mmBoard interface
RF INPUT ( measuring signal input ): XH2.54-2P side outlet portICSP INPUT (MCU programming interface ): XH2.54-6P pinsPOWER INPUT ( Power Interface ): XH2.54-2P side outlet portPackage included:
1 x Frequency Counter Tester Measurement For Ham Radio

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