24x35x12 Steel Building Kit SIMPSON Metal Garage Workshop Prefab Structure For Sale

24x35x12 Steel Building Kit SIMPSON Metal Garage Workshop Prefab Structure

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24x35x12 Steel Building Kit SIMPSON Metal Garage Workshop Prefab Structure:



-Design:Steel Truss Design

-Size: 24' Wide 35' Long 12' Tall

-Ground SnowLoad: 20 lbs per sq. ft.

-WindLoad: 105 MPH

-Exposure: C

-RoofPitch: 3:12

Framing for all needed overhead door openings, you choose size and location

Framing for 1 3x7 walk door opening, you choose location

LOADS CAN BE ADJUSTED TO MEET LOCALCODE REQUIREMENTS:Simpson Steel Truss buildings are designed to satisfyall building code requirements. If required for obtaining a BuildingPermit, the appropriate stateengineer's stamp and letter of designation certification areavailable for all 50 states. Engineered Stamped Plans are available for an addedcost. Check with your local building inspector or permit authority forspecific requirements. Be sure that our building meets your local snowload and wind load requirements. If your snow load or wind load is higherthan what is listed here, we can meet those requirements, but the total priceof the building may increase. If building permit is required, it shouldbe obtained prior to fabrication. If a building permit is required youwill most likely need stamped engineered drawings from us. Fabricationshould not begin until you obtain the permit.


-All buildings come complete with an erection manual, easy to read drawings, andAnchor Bolt Plans (Engineered Stamped Drawings available for additional cost)

-Customdesigned around your door and window size and location requirements (doors and windows not included)

-Included in pricing are 1 walk door opening, andall overhead door openings, these include all framing and trim (doors notincluded). Accessories (Walk doors ?Windows ? Insulation, etc.) are available.

-Your choice of color (13 available colors)


-Allstructural members are high strength 57,000 psi steel, cut to length, andpre-punched for easy assembly with either 1/2" bolts or self-drilling screws.Bolts and screws for the framework are supplied by us.

-Roofingpanels are 26ga. 80,000 psi Galvalume+, which is a superior roofing productused throughout the metal building industry.It is comprised of an acrylic coating applied over the top of an alreadygalvanized steel panel. It has a shinyaluminum appearance. Painted roof panelsare available at an additional cost

-Wallpanels are 26ga. 80,000 psi painted galvanized steel. They are comprised of a modified siliconepolyester paint applied over the top of already galvanized steel panels. There are 13standardcolors

-All roof and wall panels are attached withself-drilling fasteners. Wall panelfasteners are color matched. All panellaps are fastened with self-drilling fasteners.Roofing sidelaps receive roll mastic sealant. Gable ends and eave of roof receive a dieformed foam closure to "bird-proof" the building, sealing off all openings.

-All buildings come completely trimmed out incolor. Sculptured gable, eave, cornerand base trim, as well as jamb and head trim are included. Gutter and downspouts are an option. Trim material is the same as wall panels.


-Typically your building can be delivered within3 to 4 weeks from the time that you give us the authorization to proceed withfabrication.

-Shippingis included to MOST STATES in the U.S. Some additional freight may be addedfor the far West, Northwest, North, and Northeast.


-3" or 6" Insulation

-Gutters & Downspouts

-Color Roof

-4' Wainscot

-Expandable Endwall

-18" Overhang (1 end or both)

-18" Overhang (1 side or both)

-7' Liner Panel

-Base Girt


-Engineer Stamp on Drawings

-Engineer Stamped Design Calculations

-Foundation Plans

-3'x7' Door

-3'x7' Half Glass Door (Glass not included)

-3'x7' Slimline Glass Door (Glass not included)

-3'x3' Horizontal Sliding Window

-6'x3' Horizontal Sliding Window

-3'x3' Vertical Sliding Window

-3'x4' Vertical Sliding Window

-Light Transmitting Panel


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for yourinterest in the pre-engineered steel building industry, and particularly foryour interest in our company.

Simpson Steel has been a manufacturer of high quality,pre-engineered steel buildings since 1980.Our product line ranges from the most basic of structures, to thehighest degree of design complexity. Inaddition to our line of Steel Truss buildings, Simpson Steel manufactures avariety of other structures. (Recreational, warehousing, mini-storage, airplanehanger, and shopping mall structures.)

In 1993, Gregg Simpson developed and patented a steel trussdesign to compete with the wooden structured pole barns. The steel truss is shaped much like a woodentruss with a bottom chord. The mainexception is, that all of the members of the truss are steel. Designed to carry the same snow loads asseveral wooden trusses, the steel trusses can be spaced as much as 20' apart.

All other Framing on these buildings is the same as anyother larger industrial/commercial building we do. From the outside they look the same, the onlydifference being the truss itself. Thetruss takes the place of a welded up I-Beam frame.

The truss comes "knocked down" and is easily assembled onthe ground. The members bolt to 3/16" thick steel gusset plates.


-Cost: Minimal compared to welded up I-Beam or RigidFrames

-Strength: Engineered to exceed your local designrequirements for snow, wind and seismic loads.Stamped engineered drawings available for all states.

-Shipping: Materials nest together for economicalshipping plus we ship from over 15 plants nationwide making freight cost lowerand we typically include the freight.

-Accessories: Complete line of accessories andoptions. Doors - Windows - Insulation - Overhang - Wainscot - Etc.

Cancellations and Refunds:

All orders processed by Simpson Steel Building Company will require a minimum, nonrefundable deposit of 30% of the total order if a building is purchased, plans and drawings are completed, and then buyer chooses to cancel their order before having the building materials fabricated and shipped.

All buyers may cancel an order by giving written notice to Simpson Steel Building Company. In the event of such cancellation, the Buyer will pay seller for all costs and damages incurred by Seller in preparing to perform the terms of the order and in performing the terms to the order prior to the receipt by Simpson Steel Building Company of such written notice, including but not limited to Seller’s expenses of purchase of material, fabrication and overhead

Potential Steel Price Increases:

Pricing is subject to the availability of steel and related pricing.Should an increase in steel prices take place after a buyer purchases but prior to final delivery, the resulting increase shall be added to the buyer’s contract price.Simpson Steel Building Company will make every effort to mitigate the increase in cost due to steel price increases.

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