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300PCS 1KV 2KV 3KV 15 Value High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Box Kit for Sale - BlackBerryForums.com

300PCS 1KV 2KV 3KV 15 Value High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Box Kit For Sale

300PCS 1KV 2KV 3KV 15 Value High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Box Kit

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300PCS 1KV 2KV 3KV 15 Value High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Box Kit:

300PCS 1KV 2KV 3KV 15 Value High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Box KitItem DescriptionParameter:
Model: High-voltage ceramic capacitor package Series: Ceramic capacitors Nominal capacity: 300 ceramic capacitors Tolerance: 10 (%)

Rated voltage: 1000-3000V
Dielectric material: Ceramic operating temperature range: -55°C to +125°C
Rating: High Lead type: same direction
Lead pitch: 5mm Mounting type: Plug-in Package/housing: In-line
Item No.: 300 tiles Package: InlinePacking specific parameters and quantity:
High-voltage ceramic capacitor boxed for each of 20 models and 15 models for a total of 300
3KV102= 1000PF=1NF 3KV222=2200PF=2.2NF
3KV472=4700PF=4.7NF 3KV103=10000PF=10NF
3KV101=100PF=0.1NF 3KV221=220PF=0.22NF
1KV222=2200PF=2.2NF 1KV103=10000PF=10NF
1KV223=22000PF=22NF 2KV471=470PF=0.47NF
2KV561=560PF=0.56NF 2KV681=680PF=0.68NF
2KV102=1000PF=1NF 2KV152=1500PF=1.5NF
The commonly used resistance of capacitors less than 1UF is PF and NF units, the hexadecimal is 1000. I write this conversion relationship. When we put the shelves, we write some models. The commonly used identification is less than 1NF for PF units, greater than 1NF. Use the NF unit to identify!
472 is the indicated capacity of the capacitor and represents the capacitance of the 4700PF.
472=47*10^2=47*100=4700pF, the first two digits are significant digits, and the last digit is the number of digits.
Generally, a capacitor of less than 1UF will use this standard method, 47 is fixed, and the latter 2 means two zeros, which is 4700PF. Similarly, the latter number is 3 or 3 zeros, 473 is 47000PF, and 471 is 470PF, 475. It is 4.7UF, analogy. Generally, the maximum mark is XX5, which is UF.Feature Description:Often used in high pressure applications. Ceramics have Class I porcelain, Class II porcelain, Class III porcelain, Class I porcelain, NP0, temperature characteristics, frequency characteristics and voltage characteristics. Because the dielectric constant is not high, the capacity is not large; Class II porcelain, X7R Secondly, the temperature characteristics and voltage characteristics are better; Class III porcelain has a high dielectric constant, so the capacity can be made large, but the temperature characteristics and voltage characteristics are not so good. Ceramic capacitors are generally small in size. In addition, an important feature is emphasized: after the dielectric capacitor is broken down, it is often short-circuited. (This is its weakness) and after the film capacitor fails, it is generally open.Scope of application
The typical function of high voltage ceramic capacitors is to eliminate high frequency interference. It is widely used in negative ion products, lasers, X-ray machines, control equipment, high voltage packages, igniters, generators, transformers, power equipment, voltage doubler modules, welders. , electrostatic spraying and other electromechanical equipment requiring high voltage and high frequency,1. The high-voltage ceramic capacitor has the characteristics of wear-resistant DC high voltage. It is suitable for high-voltage bypass and coupling circuit. The low-loss high-voltage wafer has low dielectric loss. The high-voltage ceramic capacitor is only for high-frequency, high-voltage ceramic. The capacitance depends on the application, and the typical action can eliminate high frequency interference.
2. High-voltage ceramic capacitors used in high-power and high-voltage fields are required to have small, high withstand voltage and good frequency characteristics. In recent years, with the advancement of materials, electrodes and manufacturing technology, the development of high-voltage ceramic capacitors has made great progress and has been widely used. High-voltage ceramic capacitors have become an indispensable component of high-power high-voltage electronic products.
3. The use of high-voltage ceramic capacitors is mainly divided into power equipment for power transmission and distribution systems and equipment for processing pulse energy. Because of the special power system and the harsh environment, the capacitor is required to have superior stability, that is, the rate of change is small. At the same time, the products such as metering, energy storage, and partial pressure require high precision, which is the high voltage in this environment. The partial discharge of ceramic capacitors, that is, the partial discharge amount has extremely demanding requirements: partial discharge is zero.advantage
1. The capacity loss has high stability with temperature frequency.
2. The special series structure is suitable for high voltage and long-term operational reliability.
3, high current climb rate and suitable for high current loop non-inductive structurePackage Included:1x300PCS 1KV 2KV 3KV 15 Value High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Kit

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