Garmin STRIKER 5cv Fishfinder w/ ClearVu Sonar Transducer 010-01807-00 BRAND NEW For Sale

Garmin STRIKER 5cv Fishfinder w/ ClearVu Sonar Transducer 010-01807-00 BRAND NEW

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Garmin STRIKER 5cv Fishfinder w/ ClearVu Sonar Transducer 010-01807-00 BRAND NEW:

Manufacturer Description5-inch CHIRP Fishfinder with GPS and ClearVü Scanning Sonar
  • Easy-to-use 5-inch color fishfinder with built-in, high-sensitivity GPS and Garmin CHIRP ClearVü™ scanning sonar
  • Find fish; mark and return to hot spots, docks and ramps
  • Includes Garmin transducer with CHIRP (77/200 kHz) and CHIRP ClearVü (455/800 kHz) with 600 W power
  • Includes built-in flasher
  • Speed data displayed directly on screen

Finding fish is easier than ever with STRIKER 5cv fishfinder. Mark and return to your hot spots, boat ramps and docks. You also can share your favorite waypoints and routes with other STRIKER and echoMAP™ combos. Plus, it has a built-in flasher and displays speed data. Includes tilt/swivel mount, CHIRP (77/200 kHz) sonar transducer with transom and trolling motor mounting hardware and cable.

Experience the Clarity of CHIRP

STRIKER 5cv includes a Garmin CHIRP (77/200 kHz) transducer, which provides a visibly higher level of clarity and detail for fish and structure than traditional 77/200 kHz transducers.

Instead of sending just 1 single frequency, CHIRP sends a continuous sweep of frequencies, ranging from low to high, then interprets them individually upon their return. Since the frequencies provide a wider range of information, CHIRP sonar technology can create crisper fish arches with greater target separation.

Clear Scanning Sonar Images

Garmin ClearVü scanning sonar gives you a nearly photographic, wide image of what passes below your boat. You clearly see structure, submerged objects and fish. Traditional Garmin CHIRP sonar and CHIRP ClearVü scanning sonar are combined into 1 transducer.

Mark Spots with High-sensitivity GPS

Unlike regular fishfinders, STRIKER fishfinders have built-in, high-sensitivity GPS to locate your current position quickly and precisely, then maintain your GPS location anywhere you go on the lake. More importantly, they allow you to mark spots where the fish are biting so you can return to them again in the future. You also can mark docks, boat ramps and other locations on the lake. Just follow the path created on your screen to return to them whenever you wish.

Navigate Easily with Waypoint Map

Since the STRIKER fishfinder series includes high-sensitivity GPS, you can see your position in relation to waypoints you have marked. Use the waypoint map to easily view, mark and navigate to locations such as brush piles, stumps and docks. It’s also a great tool for finding your way back to the boat ramp.

Check Your Speed on Screen

You can quickly and easily see your boat’s speed on the screen of your STRIKER fishfinder. It’s a great tool to make sure you are trolling at the right speed for the lure you’re using and for a particular fish species. It’s also a good way to tell if you are going the right speed in wake-controlled areas.

Fish Vertically with Built-in Flasher

STRIKER provides you with both a fishfinder and flasher all in 1 unit. Anytime you are stationary fishing, such as ice fishing or jigging for crappie, the built-in flasher will show you the bottom, whether it is solid or muddy, your jig or weighted bait and the depth of fish as they swim into the sonar beam. You can even watch how high your jig is being lifted and dropped and whether fish move toward or away from it.

Take Your Fishfinder Anywhere

A portable kit is available to protect and carry your STRIKER fishfinder with GPS, so it’s perfect for kayak, canoe or ice fishing. It includes a sealed, rechargeable battery with charger, built-in transducer cable management and storage and suction cup transducer mount and float.

What's Included In The Box?The Garmin STRIKER 5cv Fishfinder with ClearVu Scanning Sonar Transducer ships with the following items included:
  • STRIKER 5cv
  • Transducer
  • Transom and trolling motor mounts
  • Tilt/swivel mount
  • Power and TipsHere is a list ofSTRIKER 5cv Fishfinder with ClearVu Scanning Sonar Transducer features, along with a few user tips.
    Physical & Performance
    • Unit dimensions, WxHxD 7.4'' x 4.5'' x 2.1'' (18.8 x 11.6 x 5.4 cm)
    • Display size, WxH 4.25'' x 2.55'' (10.8 x 6.5 cm); 5'' diag (12.7 cm)
    • Display resolution, WxH 800 x 480 pixels
    • Display type WVGA color
    • Weight 15.2 oz (430g)
    • Water rating IPX7
    • Audible Alarms Yes
    Sonar Features & Specifications
    • Dual-frequency (50/200 kHz) sonar capable Yes
    • Dual-beam (77/200 kHz) sonar capable Yes
    • Frequencies supported Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz, CHIRP (mid and high), ClearVü: 260/455/800 kHz
    • Transmit power 500 W (RMS)
    • Maximum depth 2,300 ft freshwater*, 1,100 ft saltwater*
    • Bottom lock (shows return from the bottom up) Yes
    • Water temperature log and graph Yes
    Fishfinder Features
    • Split-screen zoom Yes
    • Ultrascroll® (displays fish targets at higher boat speeds) Yes
    • Fish Symbol ID (helps identify fish targets) Yes
    • AutoGain Technology (minimizes clutter, maximizes targets) Yes
    • Adjustable depth line (measures depth of underwater objects) Yes
    • A-scope (real time display of fish passing through transducer beam) Yes
    • Water temperature sensor included mount
    • Integrated GPS
    • Mark Waypoints
    • Course over Ground dimensions, WxHxD:7.4 in x 4.5 in x 2.1 in (18.8 x 11.6 x 5.4 cm)2.Display size, WxH:4.25 in x 2.55 in (10.8 x 6.5 cm); 5 in diag (12.7 cm)3.Display resolution, WxH:800 x 480 pixels4.Display type:WVGA color TFT with white backlight5.Weight:15.2 oz (430g)6.Waterproof:Yes receiver:✔10.RoHS version available:✘11.Preloaded maps:✘12.Ability to add maps:✘13.Street Map Compatible:✘14.Topographic Map Compatible:✘15.Marine Software Compatible:✘16.Bluechart g2 Map Compatible:✘17.Bluechart g2 Vision Map Compatible:✘18.Accepts data Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data):✘22.Widescreen✔23.Custom Maps prompts (e.g. "Turn right in 500 ft."):✘26.Speaks street names (e.g. "Turn right ON ELM STREET in 500 ft.") :✘27.Speech recognition (navigate with voice commands):✘28.3D map view:✘29.Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads):✘30.Auto sort multiple destinations (provides most direct route):✘31.Auto re-route (fast off-route and detour recalculation):✘32.Choice of route setup (faster time, shorter distance, off road):✘33.Route avoidance (avoid highways, tolls etc.):✘34.Custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest):✘35.Hands-free calling with Bluetooth® wireless technology:✘36.FM traffic compatible:✘37.XM® Navtraffic (includes basic weather) & Radio for U.S. compatible:✘38.MSN® Direct for U.S. compatible:✘39.Where Am I? feature (find closest hospitals, police & gas stations, nearest address & intersection):✘40.Car locator feature (marks position when removed from windshield mount):✘41.MP3 player:✘42.Audio book player:✘43.Picture viewer:✘44.Configurable vehicle icons (select car-shaped icons for map navigation):✘45.World travel clock, currency & measurement converter, calculator:✘46.Qwerty or ABC keyboard (choose keyboard layout):✘47.Remote control:✘48.FM transmitter:✘49.Headphone jack/audio line-out:✘50.Audio/video input/output:✘51.Dead reckoning:✘52.Garmin Lock™ (anti-theft Assist✘56.Data Services with Bluetooth Technology✘57.Speed Limit Indicator✘58.Lifetime Traffic✘59.Lifetime Maps Included✘60.trafficTrends (calculates routes from predicted traffic flow)✘61.myTrends (predicts routes from user's navigation behavior)✘62.Garmin nuLink! Services (accurate real-time travel data)✘63.Multimode (switches modes to drive, hike, bike or boat)✘64.Garmin Garage voices compatible (download custom compass:✘67.Barometric altimeter:✘68.Hunt/fish calendar:✘69.Sun and moon information:✘70.Tide tables:✘71.Area calculation:✘72.Geocaching mode:✘73.Outdoor GPS games:✘74.Unit-to-unit transfer (shares data wirelessly with similar units):✘75.Photo navigation (navigate to geotagged Auto Guidance✘79.Radar compatible✔80.Sonar compatible✔81.CANet® compatible✘82.Marine Network™ compatible✘83.Supports AIS (tracks target ships' position)✘84.Supports DSC (displays position data from DSC capable VHF radio)✘85.Audible alarms✔86.XM WX Weather & Radio for U.S. compatible✘87.NMEA input/output✘88.Dual-beam sonar capable✔89.Dual-frequency sonar capable✔90.Split-screen zoom✔91.A-scope (real time display of fish passing through transducer beam✔92.Whiteline (indicates hard or soft bottom)✘93.Water temperature sensor included✔94.FrequencyTraditional, CHIRP, ClearVü95.Transmit power500 W (RMS)96.Maximum depth2,300 ft freshwater*, 1,100 ft saltwater*

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