HP 10bII Financial Calculator Hewlett Packard 10Bll Calculator Factory Sealed For Sale

HP 10bII Financial Calculator Hewlett Packard 10Bll Calculator Factory Sealed

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HP 10bII Financial Calculator Hewlett Packard 10Bll Calculator Factory Sealed:

About this productProduct InformationSolve all sorts of financial and mathematical problems with the Hewlett Packard 10BII financial calculator. This handy business machine works well as part of your school, work, and household calculating accessories. With it, you calculate cash flows, find forecasts, determine a loan payment, and figure out percentages in an instant. Save lots of valuable time and possible frustration by letting this system do the figuring for you. It features more than 100 functions for business, statistics, math, and finance operations. Despite its power, this tool is only 1 inch thick and 10 inches long, allowing you to have it on hand no matter where your business may take you. It’s sturdy enough to slip into your briefcase and go with you anywhere you need it. It's even rugged enough to handle life in a student’s backpack, an environment that many calculators have difficulty surviving.The HP10BII financial calculator is perfect for experienced financiers, but it’s also ideal for novices. It has an algebraic entry system, and the keyboard has a highly intuitive layout. All number and function keys are simple to locate and use, making this model a pleasure to work with. Simply enter a number and proceed with the calculation. Press the clear entry key to type in your desired change or to start a new problem. Press another button to store your final result if you want to refer to it later. This system also has a 12-character, seven-segment LCD screen display that is easy to read. You don’t have to squint or guess when you want to check your results in a hurry. The 10BII has built-in software that easily calculates loan payments, interest rates, amortization, and more. Additional available calculations handle discounted cash flow analyses and provide time value of money (TVM) for savings, loans, and leases. Also calculate IRR, NPV, and NFV with up to 45 data points as well as break-even quantity, or figure out costs for a customer order using the PMT option. Additional simple-to-use options allow you to easily project earnings and determine the value of an investment. This device allows you to take a look at the interest rate, present value, or future value of virtually anything. Statistical analysis is cumulative. Figure standard deviation, mean, and weighted mean in addition to forecasts and the correlation coefficient. The system’s analysis is register-based, and it has 15 important functions. The calendar function makes it simple to schedule payments and figure out maturity dates for bonds. It makes the determination based on the year you input. This useful and complete financial calculator simplifies money calculations of all sorts. Make quick work of a range of numerical information with the Hewlett Packard 10BII. Of course, this device handlews basic math, but it is also efficient at solving equations for science class, calculating real estate figures, and computing statistics. It performs both simple and complicated math quickly and accurately, so you don’t have to wait to get your results. It can replace cash registers in many situations, and it eliminates the need for pencil and paper for solving simple problems.
Product IdentifiersBrandHPMPNF1902AABA, HEW10BII, Product ID (ePID)64278582
Product Key FeaturesPower SourceBatterySizeHandheldKey SizeRegularTypeFinancial
Additional Product FeaturesDisplay TypeLargeAdditional FeaturesCase IncludedDigit Display12 DigitsFamily LinePioneer

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