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New Peak Atlas DCA55 Semiconductor Component Analyzer Tester DCA 55 for Sale - BlackBerryForums.com

New Peak Atlas DCA55 Semiconductor Component Analyzer Tester DCA 55 For Sale

New Peak Atlas DCA55 Semiconductor Component Analyzer Tester DCA 55
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New Peak Atlas DCA55 Semiconductor Component Analyzer Tester DCA 55 :

Atlas DCA Semiconductor Analyzer Model DCA55

60 Days Warranty
Plus Factory Warranty- New Ultra high contrast green-mode display- New smart panel design- New Premium probesThe Peak Atlas DCA
A fresh approach to component analysis has resulted in the fantastic Peak Atlas DCA, an intelligent, slim and invaluable tool. A world of detailed component data has never been so accessible.Just connect your component any way round and press the test button. The Atlas DCA will then present you with detailed component information in concise, easy to read, scrollable pages. The displayed information will include: the component type, special component features, component pin out, and measured parameters (such as gain, leakage current, gate threshold voltages, volt drops etc...). No more searching through data books and catalogs in order to identify components and pin outs, the Atlas does it all.Analysis Portfolio
It doesn\'t matter how you connect the test clips to the component, the Atlas can analyze a vast number of different component types including bipolar transistors, enhancement mode MOSFETs, depletion mode MOSFETs, Junction FETs (only gate pin identified), low power thyristors and triacs (less than 5mA trigger and hold), diodes, multiple diode networks, LEDs, bi-colour and tri-colour LEDs. It will even identify special component features such as diode protection and shunt resistors in transistors. For two-leaded components such as diodes and LEDs, any pair of test clips can be applied to the component any way round, the Atlas DCA sorts it all out for you. Simplicity
There is no on/off switch, power is automatically turned on at the start of an analysis and then automatically turned off if inactive for more than 30 seconds. Each page of displayed information is presented in manageable amounts, with each page being displayed when you want it. If you want to concentrate on the \"pin out\" page then just select that page, you don\'t have to see information that you don\'t need.The Atlas DCA Package
The Peak Atlas DCA is supplied complete with a long life battery, universal test probes and a comprehensive illustrated user guide. Furthermore, free and unlimited technical support and advice is available to all users by telephone, fax, email or our web site. test current into S/C-5.5mA5.5mA1Peak test voltage across O/C-5.1V5.1V1Measurable transistor gain range (HFE)465,0002Transistor gain accuracy-3%-5 HFE+3%+5 HFE2,9Transistor VCEO2.0V3.0V2Transistor VBE accuracy-2%-20mV+2%+20mV9VBE threshold for Darlington identification0.9V3VBE threshold for Darlington identification (shunted)0.8V4Acceptable transistor VBE1.8VBase-emitter shunt resistance threshold60kTransistor collector-emitter test current2.45mA2.50mA2.55mAAcceptable transistor collector leakage1.0mA6MOSFET gate threshold range0.1V5.0V5MOSFET gate threshold accuracy-2%-20mV+2%-20mV5MOSFET drain-source test current2.45mA2.50mA2.55mAMOSFET minimum acceptable gate resistance8kThyristor/Triac gate test current4.5mA7Thyristor/Triac load test current5mADiode test current5mADiode forward voltage accuracy-2%-2mV+2%+2mVVF threshold for LED1.50VShort circuit detection threshold10 ohmsBattery typeGP23A 12V AlkalineBattery voltage range7.50V12VBattery voltage warning threshold8.25VInactivity power-down period30 secsDimensions (excluding test leads)103 x 70 x 20 mmOperating temperature range0°C50°C8
  1. Between any pair of test clips.
  2. Collector current of 2.50mA.
  3. Resistance across reverse biased base-emitter > 60k.
  4. Resistance across reverse biased base-emitter < 60k.
  5. Drain-source current of 2.50mA.
  6. Collector-Emitter voltage of 5V.
  7. Thyristor quadrant 1, Triac quadrants I and III.
  8. Subject to acceptable LCD visibility.
  9. BJT with no shunt resistors

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