WE SHIP(120)Gravity Bin Dispensers(14 )Displays-TRADE FIXTURES RADEUS*Candy,Bulk For Sale

WE SHIP(120)Gravity Bin Dispensers(14 )Displays-TRADE FIXTURES RADEUS*Candy,Bulk

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WE SHIP(120)Gravity Bin Dispensers(14 )Displays-TRADE FIXTURES RADEUS*Candy,Bulk:

Major Big Box Retailer Closure of a one year old location(Cost over $46,000.00) and you are buying a mixed lot of (120 Gravity Bin Dispensers) 06108-MBS and 06108-MBS Trade Fixtures Radeus brand (Adjustable Portion Control) Gravity Bin Dispensers (retail each $203.80) on.their website and included (14 ) Gravity Dispensers Display Cabinets (holds 8 or 12 Gravity Dispensers each-48" width) can use on gondola shelving too (retail price $598.90 each). All items used condition from a less than one year old retailer grocery supermarket store. *Bulk Food Display Cabinet-not included) *Two sizes-available* (Wood Display Cabinet shown not included only shown as example )DescriptionThis is the TRADE FIXTURES Gravity bin with black handle and lid. BPA free.TRADE FIXTURES GRAVITY BINS are today?s standard for merchandising any free flowing product such as grains, beans, rice, seeds, nuts, ice cream toppings,coffee, mixes, hard shelled candies, small pastas, pet treats, granolas, cereals, rolled oats and much more!
They are one company offering two brands, the Trade Fixtures and the New Leaf Designs bins. In essence, the bins secure to a shelf, and when the handle is pulled, gravity allows the product to flow into a bag, or deli cup for purchase.
Our NSF Certified bins are also 35 times stronger than, and offer an easier cleanability than cheaper acrylics bins.FEATURES AND BENEFITS (BOTH)
We can pallet for you if having picked up by a SHIPPING COMPANY ONLY, OTHERWISE WILL HAND LOAD IF YOUR BRINGING A BOX TRUCK OR ENCLOSED TRAILER. BUYER RESPONSIBLE FOR LOADING THEIR I IF INPERSON) You can pickup in New Port Richey,Florida greenbacks only at pickup if inperson pickup . All items purchased must be picked up within week and half of sale ending. Note: Pickup location without a dock or forklift for use. Storage $10.00 per day(due in cash at pickup) after one and half weeks after payment received online through or Cash Store,Coffee,Bean,Grains, Amusement Park, Theme Park,Restaurant, Party Store, ArcadeAmusement Game Center, Skating Rink, Ice Cream or Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop, Beach Gift Shop, Spices, Coffee Beans Roaster, Yogurt Shop, Arcade,Commercial Kitchen , Theme Park Attraction, Party Supplies Retail Store, Wholesale Foods, Sweet's,Bakery,Farmer's Market, Chocolate Shop, Health Food Stores, Candy Shop, Catering Kitchen,Food,Novelty, Distribution, Warehouse, Retail Department Stores,Commerical Storage Containers, Bulk Food Storage,Bulk Food,Cereal,Snacks Grocery,Market,Store,Storage,Inventory, Distribution, Shopping Center Foods,Pet

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