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huckleberry 09-24-2009 08:31 AM

email reconciliation issues
I've got a user whos device is not reconciling his read/unreads from the device back to is mail file. However messages viewed/filed within the mail file do reconcile back to the device however. I've verified the BES has manager/delete rights to the mail file. On the device its set to mailbox wins on conflicts under the e-mail reconciliation. Also the delete on are set to mailbox & handheld. Messages that are deleted appear to be reconciling back to the mail file, but messages read on the device are not reconciling back to the handheld. I've tried removing the user from the BES (confirming state DB was removed) and re-adding/re-activating the user. I've removed readded the BB server from the ACL. Tried also using a different device, same results. I know that upgrading the device to 4.5 is another option but since the same issue occurred on a Pearl w/ 4.5 I can't see how that would matter. Is there anything that I might have over looked? Any outside factors that could be effecting this? I've had similar issues as this before, but the fix was always something simple like the BES rights on the ACL or a local setting on the device.

BES 4.1.6, Domino 7.0.4 FP1, Users mail template 7.0.2, device 8700,

Jadey 09-24-2009 08:33 AM

How many replicas of the mailfile are in play?

i.e. does the user have a local replica? And if so, are the local and server replicas set to Replicate Unread Marks?

This is often something that is missed, because by DEFAULT notes mailfiles will NOT replicate unread marks!

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