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nobody7290 02-04-2015 05:51 PM

Cannot Activate Passport but all other Blackberry Devices
I just want to share this, in case someone else has a similar problem:
I manage a BES 10.2. Recently a passport was bought, but could not be activated.

I tried Z10, Z30, playbook. All of them activated ok, but with a litte warning about a problem with the certificate store. Also IT policy of activated devices displayed error.
I first thought the passport 10.3.1 (not official) Software was the culprit, but resetting the passport to 10.3 did not help.
All activations ended after .... Deleting previous workspace.... with an error. USB activation ended with an error 62.

I read:


both did either not apply or help.

Finally I checked the permissions of the besshared folder, and found that everyone had full permissions but the besadmin had read permissions at the share level. The same in the directory permissions.
I corrected this and gave the besadmin account full permissions.

Voila, the passport activated fine, and all warnings and policy errors were gone.

itcasgrain 03-13-2015 10:30 AM

Re: Cannot Activate Passport but all other Blackberry Devices

we have the exact same problem trying to activate a Passport on a 10.2.3 BES without success. All other devices activate on that BES and the Passport activates on our other BES.

Your solution mentions a besshared folder; which folder/container are you referring to?

Thank you!

nobody7290 03-13-2015 12:47 PM

Re: Cannot Activate Passport but all other Blackberry Devices
The besshared folder is a folder which can be located on any machine in your network, most likely it is on your bes server.
Inside the folder you can put wallpapers and certificates which will be installed on the handheld during activation.

You find it, when you open the bes10 server console, open blackberry solution topology, blackberry domain, component view, then click blackberry administration service.
On the right side scroll down to "network drive".

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