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bbbl67 02-12-2013 06:34 PM

Call waiting nightmare
Well, I don't get a lot of simultaneous calls, but when I do get them, I'd like to believe my phone should easily be able to handle it, since it's a feature that I'm supposed to have, but it looks like it can't. I was in the middle of one important call, when another one came in, and so I put the first on hold, telling them I'll get right back to them. I finished with the second call, and and hit the green answer button to get back to the first call, and the only thing that happened was that it brought up the call log, but it didn't resume the previous call. I exited the call log, and tried pressing the green answer button again, and back I went to the call log. I tried pressing the virtual "Resume" button on the screen, and that didn't work either. The only thing I could do was hang up on the first caller. The problem though was that it was a caller that I'd never talked to before, and so I didn't have their full name or extension, so I couldn't call them back either! Has anyone else had problems with resuming from a call wait? :x

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