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TheTractorboy 06-12-2016 03:16 AM

E-mail sync problem
Just got my first BlackBerry and have had a few small issues with it. However, I have managed to sort them, except for one. Under my e-mail account settings, I have the Sync Interval set to Manual as I want to control when to download any e-mails from my provider. This does appear to work during the day, but when I first power on the phone in the morning it goes and downloads my e-mail. Is there any way to stop this?

OS is

tsac 06-12-2016 01:40 PM

Re: E-mail sync problem
Sync is for the sync to a pc or other device connected using LINK.
The provider will forward any messages once the phone is powered up unless the options are set as suggested below.

Account configuration:

Sync interval: This setting specifies how often the BlackBerry Hub application will ask for new items (Mail, Calendar, Contacts Memo/Task if available for integration type).

Use push if supported: If your account supports a protocol that supports push (IMAP, MS ActiveSync, etc) the email server will alert the application when new mail is available as opposed to waiting until the next scheduled time (Sync interval). This will be enabled by default if the integration type supports push.

Email sync timeframe: Adjusting this setting controls the amount of mail that will be pulled down from your account to the application. All mail within the inbox, and any selected subfolder(s), within the chosen timeframe will be synchronized to the device.

Note: If the Email sync timeframe option ;Forever; is selected a very large amount of email could be retrieved from the account. This can cause the following:
Delays in email synchronization
Noticeable delay in application performance
Less than optimal battery performance
The device may operate at a warmer temperature while synchronization is occurring
These symptoms are typically seen when selecting the forever option with a large mailbox. However, an extremely large mailbox may cause the same symptoms to be seen with another smaller timeframe selected. If you are noticing the issues described above you may want to decrease this setting to a smaller time frame.

Calendar sync timeframe: This functions in the same way as the Email sync timeframe.

Create a Home screen shortcut: This is enabled by default and adds a shortcut, specific to this account, to your home screen

Notify me when an email arrives: This setting controls whether or not you will be alerted when a new message arrives. Each account that has been added to the application can be individually configured to alert how you would like it.

TheTractorboy 06-14-2016 08:51 AM

Re: E-mail sync problem
Thanks for the reply tsac. Unfortunately, none of this really helps me. Both my e-mail accounts are POP3 and are set up on the BlackBerry as such, so e-mail is not being pushed to my phone. The majority of the time I download all e-mail via my PC. However, on the odd occasion I am out and about, I would like the option of receiving it on the BB. At present I don't receive any e-mail automatically on the BB during the day, which is how I want it. The problem occurs whenever I power the phone on, as it downloads any e-mail from my provider's server without me doing anything. This is a pull, so the BB must be initiating this and this is what I want to stop from happening.

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