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davidmagmedia 03-03-2013 05:58 PM

"Flashlight" - Fastest Flashlight App For Z10! ($0.99)
App Name: Flashlight

"Flashlight" is a beautiful flashlight app. Designed exclusively for the BlackBerry 10 OS / Z10 device.

Bright. Fast. Simple.

  • Instant On: Light Turns On As Soon As App Activated
  • Beautiful Graphic Design - Perfect For Your New Z10!
  • Emits A Bright Light Using The Camera Flash
  • Strobe Light Functionality
  • Small File Size
  • Toggle Sound On / Off
  • Works Perfectly Every Time!
  • Designed Exclusively For BlackBerry 10 / Z10


Get It On BlackBerry World:

BlackBerry World - Flashlight

Price: $0.99 US

Developer's Note:
The app works and works well. If you decide to download the app for your Z10 (and honestly we believe this is the best darned flashlight out there!) and you happen to find any bugs, please notify us ASAP. We're extremely responsive and will work to get an update out ASAP.

Our aim is for this app to be the ultimate flashlight app.

Note: A common "issue" is that people click "no" when the app first asks for permission to use the camera. This permission is necessary in order to access the flash. If you happen to click "no" the flashlight won't work and you will need to go to the app permissions to update it. The app does NOT take photos or access your camera in any other way, apart from the flash. This is the same as with all flashlight apps.

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