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blujackets 11-27-2017 08:02 PM

Screen overlay detected
Anyone know how to resolve a problem evidenced by the message "Screen overlay detected"? It pops up and handcuffs operations such as trying to attach pics or links to messages. If no luck here... new phone - not a Blackberry. HELP?!!

blujackets 11-27-2017 08:17 PM

Re: Screen overlay detected
Haha... saw something in Android forum that indicated ES File Explorer causes this problem. I uninstalled it, and so far, so good.

tsac 11-27-2017 08:38 PM

Re: Screen overlay detected
Sadly a lot of apps are causing issues with cell phones. Most people don't think these problems are on cell phones and that exactly how scammers jump on and attempt to control users. Another thing to look out for is a pop up asking if you want to close an ad. in some cases when you say yes to the question it is really using your response to sell you something and back charge your cell service.
Not good. good thing you dumped the app.

As for Blackberry's being the only ones involved. IPhones are really targeted. A friend had his hacked and then his bank account emptied. He dumped ApplePay and the problem hopefully is gone.

another thing about ES File Explorer, It uploads your files to the developers china according to information on the application.

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