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Mr Yuk 05-27-2006 08:36 AM

Entourage Projects sync problem
First post, but I may as well get to it. Duo-Mini with a gig of RAM; all the latest updates including Office04 sync services. Pocket Mac 1.3 (latest AFAIK)

Calendar sync to iCal
Tasks sync to Entourage
Contacts sync to Entourage

After a couple syncs, my project is annexed to my catagory and synced to Entourage as a new catagory. For example; if the category is "Vendor" and I have "Project1" and "Project2", in Entourage I end up with 2 new catagories called "Vendor,Project1...." and "Vendor,Project2...".

Anybody know a work around? I like the "Project" feature in Entourage; would it be better to sync to the AB instead and if so if I switch to that sync will it zap the current AB or make duplicates?

jdh 02-12-2007 12:09 PM

I realize that I'm resurrecting an older thread here, but I'm having the exact same problem with the latest Entourage and PocketMac 4.0 in dealing with tasks.

I sync my Calendar and Address Book via BES, but of course Entourage doesn't sync Tasks to Exchange, so the only way to get them onto the 'berry is via PocketMac and a USB cable.

I've given up on the two-way sync with PocketMac, as it is not reliable enough to trust. One-way sync isn't unreasonable, and at least allows me to carry my tasks around with me at least as efficiently as a piece of paper would work :)

I'm anxiously awaiting Mark/Space's Missing Sync for Blackberry, which I'm hoping will do a much better job.

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