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CyBeRcR0W 08-18-2006 07:34 PM

nXTL problem on 7520
Hi all, first of all, I have a really big problem that Iím tired of.
I get nXTL and Iím supposed to have NXTL all in caps.
I cannot make calls it gives me CALL FAILED
When i try to use the Walkie Talkie it gives me OUT OF SERVICE.
IF i try to send a Walkie Talkie Alert from another phone to the BB, it does come thru, it displays the alert on the BB screen, but when you try to reply by pressing the PTT button, it doesnít do anything it just stays there, the alert keeps repeating.

My BB device is a 7520 so far NEXTEL blackberry customer service has asked me this.

Do master resets.
Do hard resets by taking battery of phone.
Told me to reinstall bb Operating system software
Manual re-register de bb from the advanced options menu
And told me that they rewrote de IMEI number and that it takes 4 hours
The last thing theyíve asked me, was to take it to a repair center, which i did and they replaced the bb device with another one, i didnít have my sim card with me, took it back to the office and put the sim card back in, and wham SAME PROBLEM.

Called them back and told them the problem, they basically told me to do all of the steps above all over again. I know is not their fault, since they are following procedures, but it sucks, some of them kind of got frustrated, Iíve never raised my voiced, i was patience and did exactly what they told me.

I tried this.
Blackberry 7520 -----A-- WORKS WITH OUT A PROBLEM
Blackberry 7520------B-- The BB that has the problem described above.

I took the sim card from A and put it on B, and obviously B worked. And a didnít, same thing as above with the out of service, and call failed problem.

So i returned everything like it was before.

I have a non working Blackberry7520 Blackberry(WE WILL CALL THIS BB---C) with its original SIM CARD, took the sim card out and told the lady to transfer all info on the account to this new sim card, and she did. Put in the new sim card on Blackberry----B----- and same problem nXTL. At the end she told me to take it to a repair center. YEAH RIGHT!!

Any of you, have an IDEA of what the problem is. My guess would be the account that the problem has to do with the account, but Iím not sure.

The weird thing about it is that i took the bb sim card and put it on an i730 phone and the phone works GREAT. DIALS FINE, Walkie Talkie WORKS GREAT.

So, WTF??
So Iím kind of out of options.

southwestcomm 08-18-2006 08:23 PM

All provisioning is done to the SIM. If the SIM works in A but not B it could very well be that there is a hardware issue with B.

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