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KaloJaam 03-02-2014 01:59 AM

Closing Games / Apps in 8520
Hi All
Hope everyone is well with their BlackBerry :) I use a BB 8520. Yesterday I opened the 'Soduko' game for the first time ( I don't play games on my BB usually) so I explored the game, but when I wanted to close it, I did not see any option for that, I used the 'Back' key to go back to the main screen. I noticed that my battery is draining very fast, I think its cause I did not 'Close' the game. But on pressing the Blackberry key, there was no "Close" option. Same thing with 'Klondike' game.
SO my question is : How do I close the games? do they keep running in the background? [is this why my batt. is draining so fast?]
How do I make sure that all Apps are closed? I normally close apps, sms when I goto another screen, but how do I see what apps / games are running so that I may close them? Also, I am considering deleting the games, any advice on that?
Thanking all in advance :)

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