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Aenpecca 11-23-2008 04:05 AM

Pearl 8100 won't connect to Internet Service
Hi All,
I have a BB unlocked ex AT&T, have checked by typing MEDP in Options>Advanced>Sim Card and I find that all the list items is DISABLED so I'm sure it is unlocked.

My Operator is Indosat - Indonesia. Having insert my sim card and changing device to it's BIS control panel website, I find no error and it works as expected. The problem is I can't connect to the internet service because the indicator is always "edge" instead of "EDGE" as expected.

I find that items in the list of the Options>Status like the followings after typing BUYR:
Data Service: IT Policy Enabled
Voice Service: IT Policy Enabled

Can anyone explain about it? Is it related to the cause of why my BB can't connect to Internet Service? How to resolve this problem?

Done with upgrade to 4.5 OS but still no luck. Please help.

Thanks Guys.

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